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WIKI D&D 5E Games & Settings


Well, that was fun
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Mythic Odysseys of Theros
A list of official D&D 5E settings, plus stand-alone games and campaign settings by third party publishers. Third-party games and settings are produced using the Open Gaming License, and use the D&D 5E ruleset to explore new genres and worlds.

The most common setting theme is Ancient Greek mythology, with several games or settings inspired by it: Theros, Arkadia, Hellenistika, Land of Myth, Odyssey of the Dragonlords, Ancient Adventures, and the Scarred Lands.

Official D&D Settings​

These campaign settings are produced by WotC for D&D 5th Edition. Some have their own standalone books, while others are the setting for single storylines (adventures). Those with standalone setting books are marked with an asterisk.

AvernusLayer of Hell; no setting book, but covered in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus adventure
Eberron*Eberron: Rising from the Last War; pulp and fantasy technology
Forgotten RealmsGeneric fantasy; a partial setting book (Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide);
the default setting for most official D&D adventures which often contain additional setting information
GreyhawkNo setting book, but the setting used in Ghosts of Saltmarsh
RavenloftGothic horror; no setting book, but covered in Curse of Strahd adventure
Ravnica*Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica; MtG setting of a giant city
Theros*Mythic Odysseys of Theros; Greek-themed MtG setting
Wildemount*Explorer's Guide to Wildemount; the Critical Role setting

Planeshift Settings​

These are Magic: the Gathering settings converted to D&D 5E and released as free online supplements by WotC. Planeshift is the name of a D&D spell.

DominariaDefault MtG setting
InnistradGothic horror-themed, vampires, werewolves
IxalanMesoamerican-inspired; Sun Empire, dinosaurs
KaladeshClockwork, airships, artifice
ZendikarAdventure world of ancient ruins

Standalone Third Party Games​

These standalone games do not require the D&D core rulebooks, but are powered by the same ruleset. All the rules needed to play are found in the game itself.

Adventures in Middle EarthFree LeagueTolkien
Amazing AdventuresTroll Lord GamesMulti-genre
Carbon 2185Dragon Turtle GamesCyberpunk
EntromancyNightpath PublishingCyberpunk fantasy
Esper GenesisAlligator Alley EntertainmentSci-fi
FateforgeStudio AgateFrench sword & sorcery
Genefunk 2090CRISPR Monkey StudiosCyberpunk
Pugmire/MauOnyx Path PublishingDogs/cats
Spy Game, theBlack Cats GamingEspionage
StargateWyvern GamingSci-fi
Ultramodern5Dias Ex MachinaModern
Whispers in the DarkSaturday Morning ScenariosCall of Cthulhu, 5E style
Liberty: AFTERJohn Dossinger PublishingSci-fi, post-apocalyptic

DMs Guild Exclusive Settings​

These campaign settings cover material that is owned by WotC, but is still allowed for third-parties to publish under the terms of the DMsGuild.

AcheronUlraunt's Guide to the PlanesOuter Planes, war-torn battlefields
ShadowfelUlraunt's Guide to the PlanesOuter Planes, horror

Third Party Campaign Settings​

These campaign settings require the D&D core rulebooks. They are not standalone games.

2099 WastelandLegendary GamesPost-apocalyptic
AihrdeTroll Lord GamesFantasy
AlessiaStorm Bunny StudiosWuxia science fiction fantasy
AlfeimurL&A MediaDark sword and sorcery
AigyptosSkirmisher PublishingEgyptian
Amethyst: QuintessenceDias Ex Machina GamesScience vs. magic
Ancient AdventuresMal & Tal EnterprisesAncient Greece
ArcanisParadigm ConceptsRoman
ArkadiaArcana GamesGreek
AquilaeInfinium Game StudioSetting of Dark Obelisk adventures
Blood & BoneArcana GamesGrimdark, no magic
Book of Exalted DarknessLegendary GamesDecopunk good and evil
Dark MatterMage Hand PressSci-fi
Dragon HeresyGaming Ballistic, LLCNorse
EboncladDan Coleman ProductionsThieves' guilds
Farland, World ofS. BakerWorld ruled by evil
Gullet CoveSteamforged GamesCats and dogs
HellenistikaHandiwork GamesGreek
HumblewoodHit Point PressBirdfolk and other animals
Hypercorps 2099Legendary GamesCyberpunk superheroes
IskløftSkald PublishingVikings
Land of MythSeven ThebesGreek
MidgardKobold PressEuropean dark fantasy
Mists of AkumaStorm Bunny StudiosEastern fantasy noir steampunk
Monsters of MurkaAction FictionPolitical satire
NeurospastaDias Ex Machina GamesCyberpunk transhuman
Odyssey of the DragonlordsArcanum WorldsGreek
Primeval ThuleSasquatch Game StudioSword & Sorcery
RetroverseLasers & LichesSetting for Lasers & Liches
Scarred LandsOnyx Path PublishingGreek-inspired
Seas of VodariTribality PublishingSwashbuckling nautical
SnowhavenHigh Level GamesSnowpunk
SvillandDream Realm StorytellersNorse
Tal'DoreiGreen RoninCritical Role's setting
TalislantaNocturnal MediaFantasy dark ages
Vast KaviyaLegendary GamesPrimordial sword and sorcery
World of MyrrCawood PublishingHeroic fantasy
ZeitgeistEN PublishingRenaissance

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Well, that was fun
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I actually don't know how to. LOL!
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Urriak Uruk

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Just curious, where should I add places like Acheron or the Shadowfel, which are added by third-parties but are IP that Wizard's owns? Ulraunt's Guides to the Planes cover these two planes.


Well, that was fun
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I could call it "DMsGuild Exclusive Settings"?

"These campaign settings cover material that is owned by WotC, but is still allowed for third-parties to publish under the terms of the DMsGuild."
Sure. It’s a wiki. Somebody else might edit it in the future, or they might not! :)


Hellenistika is really more then just Greek, its Greek dominated multiculturalism. The other Greek Settings are mythic greek.

Perhaps seperating Hellenistic Settings and Mythic Greek Settings would make sense.

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