D&D 5E Is One Year Old!

Today is the one-year anniversary of the first official physical D&D 5th Edition product - the D&D Starter Set! A boxed set containing a rules booklet and the adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver, along with a selection of pregenerated characters and a set of dice, the D&D Starter Set was launched in preferred stores (it hit other stores 11 days later) and was pretty solidly well received. To this date, it has a certified 86% rating right here on EN World. It has won a couple of awards, and is up for two ENnies this year in the Best Family Game and Best Production Values categories (people love boxes!)

So, Happy Birthday D&D 5th Edition! You're one!


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Happy birthday to the preferred system for my group. We used to be all 3.5 and PF - and then there was 5th.

I really would like to see the sales records for this edition when compared side by side to previous editions. I can't help but be curious to see where it is.


Happy Birthday! I look forward to the terrible twos. AD&D 1e was our preferred game for 30 years. 5e has managed to replace that, and I look forward to 30 more years of playing it.


Many happy returns of the day, D&D 5e! And a hearty "good on ya" to all the peeps at WotC (and all the playtesters) who made it happen!

Louis Brenton

Happy Birthday to the fantastic 5th edition of the world's greatest role-playing game. We celebrated by running around some the latter part of Hoard of the Dragon Queen tonight.


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It seems longer to me... weird. Best D&D so far I think. I wish there were more settings books available already, though.

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