D&D 5E D&D Celebration 2021, Thursday Sept 23rd

Elle Olisi-wood announces D&D celebration in the video of the web page. Is the best presenter WotC uses IMHO, a great mix of sophistication with friendly approachablity, excited the subject matter without drifting into cheesiness, and utterly professional, yet passionate about the subject matter.

Anywho we have the date and some of the panels. For those that don't want to watch the short video, your loss, there will be a DM panel, a panel on help kids create their first character, and and a panel on the Future of D&D.

last year's D&D Celebration we actually learned alot about the broad strokes of what they were planning, such as that they were working on 3 classic setting, more MtG D&D crossovers were planned, more casual products and adventure Anthologies, although no specific products were revealed. I think we will learn even more this time, like the which 2 classic settings and maybe even the revisit setting where chosen, plus a better idea broad strokes of what they are working on now such as if they are still working on the new and revisit setting or not, whether or not there is going to be any winter (December to March) releases, and maybe something surprising and completely new. There might even be mentions of new alD&D video games and Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur's Gate (its funny that its the MtG team that announces the first D&D setting product for 2022, CL: BfBG). Might even be a news update on the upcoming D&D movie & TV show.

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