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The D&D Creator Summit started earlier today at 5pm PST (after some technical delays!) with opening remarks by WotC's President Cynthia Williams, who stood in front of a statue of Drizzt Do'Urden. This particular session was short and sweet--mainly thanks for attendance and covering some basic housekeeping.
  • Here we go... Cynthia Williams!
  • She thanks everybody for attending and stresses the need for community feedback. WotC's role is to be great stewards of the game which will continue for generations to come.
  • Passes to Dixon Dubow, Creator Relations for WotC. Shout-outs to international digital attendees who are staying up at night, and ASL interpreters.
  • Brief coverage of masking policies, etc.
  • Request not to share video, screenshots, or to livestream the event.
  • Schedule -- VTT demo later in the morning. Then in the afternoon, updates on One D&D rules.
And that's the opening remarks! It took about 10-15 minuutes in total (after starting late due to technical hitches).

The D&D Summit goes on all day, with both in-person and digital attendees (I'm in the latter group). I'll be covering the morning sessions in a separate article, and Beth Rimmels will be covering the afternoon sessions.
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I crit!
Thank you!

Morning sessions.

DnDBeyond session.

About the virtual table top

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