D&D dungeon crawl help


Hi all

So, I have a "thing" I'd like to see if it's possible to do. I've always wanted to take a party of NPC's through various classic D&D modules to see if they can make it through, loot, level and keep progressing to the next level module. Just a simple hack n' slash through modules, collection loot and exp and character advancement.

Does anyone know of a way for me to do this digitally? Tabletop Simulator? Is there an online digital program with actual D&D modules imported into them? Roll20? Fantasy Grounds? Is there anything out there where things are set up? Maybe I can import the module myself? Create the dungeons, monsters, loot, etc?? I don't mind putting in a little work if need be.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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John Dallman

So you'd be essentially solo-playing a group of characters through a series of modules?

I'm not clear why you want to do this in a digital environment? The modules you'd need are readily available as PDFs, but I've never heard of them being ready-available in an online system. Working the characters through the modules can be done far faster with a pad of paper for tracking hit points and spells and rolling physical dice. Setting up maps in a digital environment is a lot of work if you're the only one that will see them.

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