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From Christian Hoffer and comic book dot com

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves—The Feast of the Moon, a new graphic novel by the creative team of Jeremy Lambert, Ellen Boener, Eduardo Ferigato, and Guillermo Sanna. The standalone graphic novel will feature Edgin the bard (played by Chris Pine in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie) and his band of thieves trying to help a town deal with a dangerous Bandit King.

See the article for quotes from Jeremy Lambert and Eduardo Ferigato.

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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
Have we seen a Draco Lich in the movie?
The text in the link mentions a white dragon. I imagine that dragon along the top is a raggedy white dragon more than a dracolich. In any event this is prior to the movie, so we won't see it in the film (though it may be mentioned/referenced...).

Edited to add: Looking at it again, I see ribs, so I think you are correct. I withdraw my assertion. :)


I'm not sure which one is Chris Pine, I'm guessing the one with the lute?

I thought the title would suggest a werewolf but I see the dragon with 6 eyes.

I can see a lot more coming out for the movie to try and make it successful.

I feel curiosity, but not about the comic (among other reasons because I don't know when the translation will be published) but the past partnership between IDW comics and Hasbro. It ended, didn't it? But I guess the deal between IDW and Paramount continues.

I'm not sure which one is Chris Pine, I'm guessing the one with the lute?
Yes, Edgin the bard, front centre. At the back is Hugh Grant's character, Forge Fitzwilliam, Rogue. Left, Rodregez is Holga the Barbarian, and right, Justice Smith is Simon the Sorcerer.


I wonder if this is more a Rogue One to Star Wars; A New Hope in that it is a direct lead into the movie and not just a back story.

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