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While Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves doesn't come out until March 31st, reviewers have seen early screenings--and so far at least—it's all almost all overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, while those who follow genre movie news will know that's not an unusual pattern among early screenings, with things starting to settle down a bit later, Rotten Tomatoes currently has the movie at 100%. We can expect that to drop.

[UPDATE -- the Rotten Tomatoes score is now starting to drop and was at 92% at the time of this edit.]
[UPDATE -- now 84%.]

Hollywood Reporter said "An adaptation that will appeal to the nostalgic side of existing fans and entertain those whose eyes glaze over at the mention of Dungeon Masters, bards or druids." Variety's verdict was "It’s at once cheesy and charming, synthetic and spectacular, cozily derivative and rambunctiously inventive, a processed piece of junk-culture joy that, by the end, may bring a tear to your eye." Den of Geek says "At last, here is a crowdpleaser that actually pleases, and not least of all because the stakes are as small as an evening with some mates going on "a quest" by way of a 20-sided die." And Total Film speaks of "A Pine-fuelled mix of humour, handsome settings and high-stakes action turns the beloved board game into a big-screen treat."

Other outlets agree. According to Polygon "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is everything a D&D fan could want" and The Wrap says "This Hilarious Epic Fantasy Is a Total Blast". Deadline also gives it a positive review, saying "With renewed interest in the fantasy genre, it’s good to see something outside of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones getting it right and having a good time. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is also one of the better game adaptations to hit theaters due to all of the elements coming together — a strong cast, a decent story, dynamic direction and pleasing special effects."

Rolling Stone is a little more tempered, however, observing that "‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Proves Chris Pine Can Save Anything" but warns that "no matter how much the creators confess their love of the game, all of those shout-outs to creatures, character types, campaign details and so on feel like annoying distractions."

RogerEbert.com feels that "The film often feels like it’s faking what the creators love about the game instead of trying to translate it from one medium to another."

But so far, so good! We'll have to wait to see if the trend holds up once the movie is out, but for those hoping we'll finally have a decent D&D movie--it looks like there is hope to be had!
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bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
The 13th review, from an Austin TV station, is the first negative one. It still expects the movie to launch a franchise. Also, the negative is that it's too much like the most dominant movies of all time

The best thing that could have happened to “Dungeons & Dragons” is what happened this weekend: making good on its selection as opening-night film at South By Southwest, where its aesthetically nimble and four-quadrant-bulls-eyeing appeal were always going to draw big reactions a couple weeks before releasing just close enough to “Ant-Man: Quantumania” to wash some of the lingering aftertaste away. No, “Dungeons & Dragons” is by no means signaling that Renaissance Fair cosplay will replace spidermen this Halloween. But it's notable that for all the big-budget adventuring and showy razzle-dazzle Daley and Goldstein brought to this hibernating franchise, it only makes it feel like a cosplayed cousin of the MCU’s earliest endeavors. Maybe Jon Favreau should get residuals?


The 13th review, from an Austin TV station, is the first negative one. It still expects the movie to launch a franchise. Also, the negative is that it's too much like the most dominant movies of all time

That negative review makes me want to see the movie.


I got excited for a minute when I saw Amazon Prime was going to have a one day preview for members, then realized that it was going to be in a theatre (not streaming) and that I'd have to drive out of state to go.
So I guess I'm waiting until it comes to streaming or available for checkout from my library.

My biggest concern now is the collection of Marvel-style beat-em-up scenes in the trailers. Those don't make Marvel movies good, and they won't make DADHAT good, but they do seem to sell movies well.

One could say that Marvel has been using DnD-style beat-em-up scenes, as the LOTR trilogy (which was arguably more DnD than the DnD movie before it) had such scenes, and pre-dates the MCU.

And now we come full circle.


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