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Hasbro will update the project and pitch to other networks and streamers
"Dragonlance is not a property WotC are interested in developing further currently."
3 shows launch very soon!
Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, and Justice Smith played a one-shot, two-hour game of D&D before shooting started on the movie. The 30-second video, posted by Paramount Pictures, doesn't actually show the game, but the cast comments on the experience.
This week, Morrus, Peter, and Jessica talk about Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves in theaters now! In the news, D&D Direct previews the new virtual tabletop, D&D product announcements for 2023 and beyond, To Save a Kingdom adventure path for Level Up coming from EN Publishing, and more! Plus a brand new sketch about a DM who is resistant to branching out. Subscribe on iTunes | Google...
Over at D&D Beyond you can check out the game details of the protagonists (plus major NPCs) of the D&D movie, along with the statistics of a number of magical items from the film. Thieves Gallery -- this contains stats for Doric, Edgin, Forge, Holga, Simon, Sofina, and Xenk. These are NPC-style stat blocks, not full character sheets. Legendary Magic Items -- stats for the helm of disjunction...
Ever since Iron Man came out in 2008, the non-Disney studios have been desperate to build their own cinematic universe franchises. Outside of one or two arguable exceptions, these attempts have fallen flat on their faces. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves certainly has a Marvel-style franchise on its mind. It aims for the same sort of action that Disney has put out for the last fifteen...
After the Minecraft D&D announcement, the D&D Honor Among Thieves movie was the next showcase in the D&D Direct presentation. An extended trailer for the movie was screened, followed by a promo for pre-made character sheets available on D&D Beyond like the movie characters.
To say that the original 2000 Dungeons & Dragons movie was a critical failure is an understatement. By contrast, if the new movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves isn't a cinematic natural 20, it's at least a 19.
Paramount has shared a clip of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The 3-minute scene features the heroes navigating an arena maze, a displacer beast, a mimic, a gelatinous cube, the D&D cartoon characters, and Hugh Grant's villainous Forge Fitzwilliam.
While Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves doesn't come out until March 31st, reviewers have seen early screenings--and so far at least—it's all almost all overwhelmingly positive. Of course, while those who follow genre movie news will know that's not an unusual pattern among early screenings, with things starting to settle down a bit later, Rotten Tomatoes currently has the movie at...
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: The Druid's Call is the second prequel novel laying the ground work for the March 31 release of the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie. Between this YA novel by E.K. Johnston and Jaleigh Johnson's Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: The Road to Neverwinter novel, I'm cautiously optimistic about the direction being taken for the movie.
D&D Beyond has published the official game statistics for various characters from the upcoming D&D: Honor Among Thieves movie. The collection includes stats for Doric, Edgin Darvis, Forge Fitzwilliam, Holga Kilgore, Simon Aumar, Sofina, and Xenk Yendar. https://www.dndbeyond.com/claim/source/tg?icid_source=house-ads&icid_medium=tg&icid_campaign=redemption
While not a direct tie-in to the D&D: Honor Among Thieves movie, Keys From the Golden Vault is a smart release a month before the movie opens.
2022 was another great year for cyberpunk RPGs with multiple crowdfunding successes including one for over a million dollars, many traditional releases, some corpo news, and many cyberpunk sessions played. There were the new releases using The Interlock System (Cyberpunk RED) and Shadowrun Sixth Edition as well as products using engines like Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, Year Zero Engine...
Since 2019, tabletop gaming based properties have made the leap from books to toys in the form of action figures. In this article, I share the recent and upcoming toylines for Dungeons & Dragons, The Legend of Vox Machina, and an action figure line with its own RPG, Mythic Legions. If you’re looking for a holiday gift, these might be the perfect toys for the gamer in your life.

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This nearly 600-page book is no mere tome, it's an artifact.
Roleplay and intrigue mixed with superhero action.
Tell stylish stories of space outlaws scraping by to survive.
For a campaign built on investigation and exploration rather than blasting through an Alien hive.

Dungeons & Dragons

Greyhawk is the 'sample setting' provided in the 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide.
The new Player's Handbook contains 12 character classes, each with 4 subclasses.
This nearly 600-page book is no mere tome, it's an artifact.
"The Fighter is now the weapon master equivalent of the Wizard!"
Each day this week, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a new preview video based on the upcoming Player's Handbook. The first is entitled Everything You Need To Know and you can watch it here.
Or maybe it is just a simple job to deliver a simple goblin to a simple fortress.

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Despite public pledges not to use controversial technologies.
The award is given for “significant contributions to the science fiction, fantasy, and related genres community”
Finalists include one game designer, two conventions, a charity bundle, and a labor union
More industry consolidation as VTT combines with tools platform!

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