TTRPG Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season has arrived, so here are some gift ideas for the TTRPG fan in your life. Even better, some are digital for last-minute purchasing.


Dice are great because they come in a range of prices and a near limitless array of designs. Q-Workshop has several kinds of officially licensed Witcher dice, including dice styles for Geralt, Yennifer, and Dandelion. Q-Workshop also has Christmas-themed dice, both physical and digital for VTT players. Q-Workshop dice are available from a variety of retailers or directly through their website.

MDG Heart Dice.PNG

Also, if you want to plan ahead for Valentine's Day, and your sweetheart is a gamer, Metallic Dice Games has Sharp Edge Heart Dice.


Shopping for kids? The Owlbear Plush from Metal Weave Games is adorable and available as Brown Owlbears, Snowy Owlbears, and Rose Owlbears. MWG is the creator of the Baby Bestiary books, calendar, etc., and they live up the slogan, “save vs. cuteness.”

Jim Zub's Young Adventurer's Guide series of D&D books for kids has a new volume—Dragons & Treasures. As I explain in my review, this series of books could be useful for any D&D newcomer.

DnD Cufflinks.PNG

Know someone who likes to bring their love of RPGs to their daily life? These D20 cufflinks could do the trick and at $14, they're affordable.

Slaying the Dragon 7.jpg

Buying for a reader? Slaying the Dragon: The Secret History of D&D is a terrific read with lots of drama and juicy details. The Mighty Nein—The Nine Eyes of Lucien adds more depth and background to a key antagonist for Critical Role season 2 but requires no prior knowledge to enjoy it. While the hardcover version is easy to giftwrap, the audiobook includes the full Critical Role cast voicing their characters.

If your giftee has complained they want more variety in their monsters, take a look at Legendary Games. They have a series of monster books that includes Asian Monsters and Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures, inspired by mythology and folklore. Even better, LG has 5E and Pathfinder versions (PF1 and PF2), and print, PDF, and Foundry VTT versions. LG's website also has Savage Worlds content and board games.

Veteran game designer Joseph Carriker, known for his Green Ronin, Exalted, Scion, World of Darkness, etc. work, has some very fun and useful items on DM's Guild, like A Practical Guide to Alchemy and Spells of Haute Couture. He also has a Waterdeep Sites series.

BnG Spelljammer.PNG

Beadle & Grimm's has luxury RPG sets for immediate purchase, like the Silver Edition of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, Silver and Platinum Editions of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, and the Silver Edition of Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. B&G is still accepting orders for Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Steel Edition, and the return of the Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh if your giftee wouldn't mind waiting. B&G also sells other, less pricey items like t-shirts for Spelljammer's Lake Bral Blasters and character class dice sets as well as items for Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering or Critical Role.
JTtRC_Alt Cover official 875x1000.png
And, of course, the official 2022 D&D products Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, and Spelljammer: Adventures in Space are an option. Since my reviews of the D&D Campaign Case: Terrain and D&D Campaign Case: Creatures, WotC has turned them into physical/digital combo bundles if purchased through their official site and shipping is free within the U.S. and to the Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. The Creature Case combo includes a D&D Beyond version of the Monster Manual and the Terrain combo comes with a DDB version of the DMG.

Happy Holidays!

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