D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Pushed from 2021 to 2022

They right up say they are looking for an A list Actor to lead this thing. So if they are going to do that, I'd rather they pick palatible then someone I don't like.

I just hope they don't pick someone who is really aging, because they think they're "bankable". It's just not how it really works anymore. Star power isn't what it once was. And it's not because actors are worse or anything, but rather because people are far more likely to actually read reviews and see opinions on movies, or to go because a movie is part of a "franchise" considered reliable, or because of FOMO/spoilers, than they are to just go see a movie because person X is in it. Especially if that person "used to be cool".

I would hope they went largely with younger actors (not like, teenage-young) who are less well-established but clearly talented in case this is franchise material.

I think a D&D franchise model could work pretty cool, not least because killing characters off semi-regularly fits D&D fairly well.

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