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D&D General D&D Nerds! WotC teams up with Nerds Candy

That's some genius product tie-in work there.

As a kid, I liked Nerds well enough, as far as non-chocolate and peanut butter or mint sweets could get my attention. As an adult, hey, you can use them to infuse rum and vodka easily enough.

Deep in the recesses of my memories are some D&D gummy candies I got one summer. They were from a snack shack by a lake in NY, and I never saw them before or after. They were packaged in clear "blister cards" to display the candies. They were colorful with a gradient from red to purple or green, and were stuff like the D&D ampersand and characters from the cartoon. They were more the soft flubbery gummy candies than the firmer gummy bears.

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Staff member
Well, that would get tangled, because of...

Are you talking who owns what IP or in-game alignment? Because if it’s the latter, all we need to do is make them Gummi Were-bears.

(The former is more complicated because I neither know nor currently care about the corporate structures within the Candy biz.)

Urriak Uruk

Debate fuels my Fire
Candyland actually is a Hasbro property, funny enough. And Lord Licorice kind of screams "D&D Villain" in the old 80s kind of way.


Blue Orange

Hasbro owns a heck of a lot of properties. I'm guessing for the more kid-oriented stuff they don't want people statting up Lord Licorice to cut him to bits.

Now I am thinking about a crossover between Hasbro's Candyland and Dragon Stew (a 3PP setting), and as a intercompany crossover guest artists: Anpanman!

Wasn't there a setting in kickstarter for 5th Ed where the playable races were sentient food?

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