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All the following monsters were unique to officially-licensed D&D video games. Many of the rules booklets contained statistics for the creatures (particularly those from the "Gold Box" games).

Some of these have no doubt later appeared in other products, and I omitted those that I knew for sure had appeared elsewhere.

Let me know if I'm missing any.

BOZ - I've got the stats for many of these critters, and have converted a few. Would you be interested in a conversion thread? I know that someone asked for the Bit O' Moander stats in another thread.

BG - Baldur's Gate
BG:TotSC - Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
BG2 - Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
BG2:ToB - Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal
CotAB - Curse of the Azure Bonds
Heroes - D&D Heroes
IWD - Icewind Dale
IWD:HoW - Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter
IWD:TotL - Icewind Dale: Trials of the Luremaster
IWD2 - Icewind Dale 2
PoR - Pool of Radiance
PoD - Pools of Darkness
TotSF - Treasures of the Savage Frontier
WotES - Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Genesis)

Air Aspect (BG:TotSC)
Arctic Boar (IWD2)
Ashirukuru (BG:TotSC)
Auroch (WotES)
Bane Minion, Black (PoD)
Bane Minion, Blue (PoD)
Bane Minion, Red (PoD)
Bear, Bergclaw (IWD:How)
Beholderkin, Eagle Eye (BG2:ToB)
Beholderkin, Eye of the Dead (BG2:ToB)
Beholderkin, Gorgon Eye (BG2:ToB)
Beholderkin, Seeker (BG2:ToB)
Beholderkin, Sentinel (BG2:ToB)
Beholderkin, Vigilant (BG2:ToB)
Bit o' Moander (CotAB)
Bit o' Moander, Red (PoD)
Caecilla (WotES)
Cockatrice, Giant (PoD)
Crypt Crawler (BG:TotSC)
Crystal Sentry (IWD)
Demon, Chromatic (BG2:ToB)
Demonknight (BG:TotSC)
Devil (?), Velithuu (BG2)
Doomsayer (BG)
Drowned Dead (IWD:How)
Eldritch Archer (Heroes)
Elemental, Water Kin (IWD:How)
Elemental Lich (BG2:ToB)
Fell Cat (BG2:ToB)
Fission Slime (BG:TotSC)
Flapsail (WotES)
Golem, Sand (BG2:ToB)
Golem, Ice (Heroes)
Golem, Ice, Sentry (IWD:How)
Horror, Mist (BG2:ToB)
Horror, Swamp (BG2:ToB)
Ice Hound (TotSF)
Jungle Spider (Heroes)
Lycanthrope, Werewyvern (BG2:ToB)
Malarite (IWD2)
Mimic, Killer (BG2:ToB)
Minotaur, Elder (IWD:TotL)
Minotaur, Lord (IWD:TotL)
Mist, Ice (BG2:ToB)
Mist, Poison (BG2:ToB)
Mist, Spellhaunt (BG2:ToB)
Mist, Wandering (BG2:ToB)
Pet of Kalistes (PoD)
Phoenix Guard (BG:TotSC)
Racer, Giant (WotES)
Racer, Young (WotES)
Robber Fly (WotES)
Shadow, Devil Shade (BG2:ToB)
Sherincal (IWD2)
Skeleton, Armored (IWD)
Skeleton, Bladed (IWD)
Skeleton, Blast (IWD)
Skeleton, Bone Scavenger (IWD:HoW)
Skeleton, Boneguard (IWD)
Skeleton, Bronze Sentry (IWD)
Skeleton, Cold Bones (IWD:HoW)
Skeleton, Frozen Bones (IWD:HoW)
Skeleton, Serrated (IWD)
Skeleton, Spectral Guard (IWD)
Skeleton, Spectral Knight (IWD)
Skeleton, Tarnished Sentry (IWD)
Skeleton, Tattered (IWD)
Snow Leopard (IWD2)
Soul, Severed (IWD)
Soul, Shadowed (IWD)
Soul, Shattered (IWD)
Spider, Astral Phase (BG:TotSC)
Spider, Electric (PoD)
Spider, Gaze (PoD)
Spider, Mutated (BG2:ToB)
Spider, Stone (PoD)
Spider, Vortex (BG2:ToB)
Stone Nuisance (IWD:TotL)
Troll, Blizzard (BG2:ToB)
Troll, Dust (BG2:ToB)
Troll, Fire (BG2:ToB)
Troll, Fire, Hardened (IWD2)
Troll, Ice (IWD)
Troll, Ice, Greater (IWD)
Troll, Ice, Hardened (IWD2)
Troll, Snow (IWD)
Troll, Snow, Greater (IWD:HoW)
Tuatara (WotES)
Vexing Thoughts (IWD:HoW)
Wailing Virgin (IWD:HoW)
Walking Trees (PoD)
Wight, Barrow (IWD:HoW)
Wight, Cold (IWD)
Wight, Imbued (IWD)
Wolf, Dread (BG)
Wolf, Spirit (IWD:HoW)
Wolf, Vampiric (BG)
Wraith, Master (BG2:ToB)
Wraith, Vampiric (BG2:ToB)
Wyrm, Bone Scavenger (IWD:HoW)
Wyvern, White (IWD2)
Yeti, Berg (IWD:HoW)
Yeti, Chief (TotSF)
Yeti, Glacier (IWD)
Yeti, Guard (TotSF)
Yeti, Tundra (IWD)
Zombie, Poison (IWD)

Belhifet (IWD)
Tyranthraxus (PoR)
Vexing Thoughts (unique glabrezu, true name Chalimandren) (IWD:How)
Yxunomei (IWD)
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i didn't have any plans to work on anything game related... (although a small few of these also appeared in pen&paper products) but we'll see. feel free to post what you like, though. :)

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