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In the center of the town square in Prague is a huge monument supposedly dedicated to Jan Hus, 15th century theologian, burned at the stake in 1415.

Supposedly. You can't convince me that the town hasn't just been rescued by a party of four adventurers.


There's the wizard, who actually wants his larger-than-life self decorating the town square (he deserves it, after all; it was his magic that saved things).The other three seem less enthusiastic.

3 others.jpeg

There's a dwarf fighter with the shield (look at his beard!).
There's a cleric with a goblet, standing proud, who actually doesn't mind being sculpted.
And there's the rogue, hooded with his hand outstretched, who seems to be caught doing something completely underhanded while his portrait is being made.


I've never given a group of PCs this sort of memorialization, but think that it is the way a grateful group of villagers might choose to recognize their efforts.

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Dances with Gnolls
I like it.
And frankly, I enjoy my Mages when they want to be larger-than-life.
Greedy, power-hungry, and narcissistic are fun. Plus easy to find hooks for and give meaningful conflicts.
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