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Back in 2020, many pre-painted miniature fans cast their votes for the first annual, "Best of the Year, Pre-Painted Minis" awards, hosted by the MinisGallery.com website. These are sort of our version of the "Ennies" for pre-painted miniatures, and is intended to be a fun event.

We are starting a little bit late in the year for running the polls for our second round, but we are endeavoring to wrap this up before the end of 2022. The polls should return again in early 2023 for the miniatures released in 2022.

2021 saw an explosion of pre-painted miniature products from WizKids which also saw the inclusion of a Critical Role Miniature product line, in addition to the D&D Icons of the Realms, Pathfinder Battles, and Starfinder Battles lines.

The poll categories this year include the following categories for pre-painted miniature products which were released in 2021:
  • Best Collector's Set of 2021
  • Best Non-collector's Set of 2021
  • Best Huge-sized Pre-Painted Miniature from 2021
  • Best Large-sized Pre-Painted Miniature from 2021
  • Best Medium-sized Pre-Painted Miniature from 2021
  • Best Small-sized Pre-Painted Miniature from 2021
  • Best WizKids' Pre-Painted Terrain or Accessory of 2021*
*Note: Due to time constraints, the pre-painted terrain category was only limited to WizKids products, however we plan to have that remedied for the 2022 product release polls.

The voting is taking place in the MinisGallery forums located here:

To combat spam, registration is required, however you will receive an automated validation e-mail. (If you don't receive it right away, please check any spam folders you may have). We do not send out any mass mailouts or otherwise collect your e-mail address from the account, so you don't have to worry about receiving any spam mail from us by registering.

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So... You want me to register and give you my email so you can prevent spam. Forgive me if it sounds a bit phishy.


So... You want me to register and give you my email so you can prevent spam. Forgive me if it sounds a bit phishy.
The site is well established in the community and is about as trustworthy, to me, as any hobby site. While any site can be hacked and your information stolen, and while I do not expect this site to have the best security on the internet - if you're willing to register here, you should likely feel comfortable registering there.

And I think the SPAM they're trying to avoid is fake votes.


So... You want me to register and give you my email so you can prevent spam. Forgive me if it sounds a bit phishy.
After running the site for 10+ years (or more specifically 3-years of hosting the forums), you are the first person to voice a concern over this.

Despite near daily offers from advertisers to advertise on the site, I have always stuck to an ad-free / zero revenue model. If I wanted to make money on the site, there's a lot easier ways for me to make money than to try to sell off a couple hundred e-mails.

However, as someone who gets 100+spam mails a day (filtered by gmail fortunately), I completely understand your trepidation.

Last year, I opened the voting to non-registered users. What ensued was several hours of time, of having to remove hundreds of spam posts of advertising from Russian IP addresses.

I greatly limit where I post my own e-mail address due the same concern that you have shared, so I wanted to let people know it is not a concern if they register at the site. While the forum software does have an ability to send mass mailouts, it never has been used, nor will it, for 1 simple reason -- I freaking hate spam :)


Are we having a best of 2023 poll? I’m a member on your site as well but mainly look at pictures and your YouTube videos as I don’t frequent the forum section regularly.

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