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D&D Releases by year - complete list (almost)

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Eternal Optimist
One nice thing about the other RPG systems TSR produced is... they didn't support them much, so it's easier to get the entire lists. :)

The D&D list is just huge.


Scott Christian

B7 Rahasia is a compilation of RPGA1 & RPGA2:

It's amazing how little WOTC has put out since 3e was released. . . . :\
Incredible list! And yes - B7! Woohoo!

I think part of the reason for the slower output is the graphic intensive nature of the books. Look at some of the books, even just back to 3rd edition. They are so much easier for publishers and graphic designer to put together. Also, the editing is much more precise now. I find that when going back through the old stuff, especially the adventures, there are quite a few mistakes. (Not there aren't a few in the PHB and DMG, but they are not nearly as glaring.)

Anyway thanks for the list!


I crit!
It’s an “internet resource” don’t cha know!

Alex Kammer of gameholecon and collector extraordinarie was asking around about it.

Thanks for this amazing feat of necromancy, Darjr ! I find it very insightful to have a D&D products list by year for the historically-minded RPG gamer.

You'll find a list of Echohawk's amazing D&D guides here (don't be mislead by the "Mystara" title of the thread and check in the 6th paragraph from the top of the thread).

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