D&D: What Edition is Next, Really?


To answer the question ...

(Corrected thanks to Diaglo)

Original 3 booklets 1st printing: 1st edition
2nd printing: 2nd edition
final printing: 3rd edition
+ Greyhawk: 4td edition
+ Blackmoor: 5td edition
+ Eldritch Wizardry: 6th edition

1st Holmes: 7th edition
2nd Holmes: 8th edition
3rd Holmes: 9th edition
1st Moldovay: 10th edition
2nd Moldovay:11th Edition
Rules Cyclopedia: 12th edition

AD&D 1e: 13th edition
+ Unearthed Arcana: 14th edition

AD&D 2e: 15th edition
+Skills and Powers: 16th edition

D&D 3e: 17th edition
3.5: 18th edition

So by my figurin' the next version will be the 19th edition.

So what do you expect in D&D 19e?

(Amend your responses accordingly. :) )
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ThirdWizard said:
And there was Spellfire (CCG). When was that? Around 1995 or something?
yup. bought that too. and trading cards. i bought the trading cards in range of 89 to 92. i can't recall the exact dates. i sold my whole collection on ebay about 7 years ago.

also bought Dragon Dice.... hundreds and hundreds of them. :(


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mythusmage said:
So what do you expect in D&D 17e?
Here's a small list of things I expect from the next edition, whatever it is called and whenever it is released (hopefully not for quite some time):

1. A few more core (PHB) races and classes.

2. Skills will be redone. Some skills will be folded into others or into a new skill altogether (like hide and move silently will become "stealth" or some such thing). I also expect the number of skill points for each class to increase, although not too much.

3. There will likely be more feats in the PHB.

4. Combat rules will be tweaked, but not too much. Grappling will likely change the most because it always does.

5. New Polymorph rules.

Dog Moon

Originally posted by diaglo
also bought Dragon Dice.... hundreds and hundreds of them.

Mmmm, Dragon Dice. My friend had a LOT of those. Used to play a lot too. Sometimes I wish I had a bunch, but I figure I wouldn't use them anymore, so I'm kinda glad I never spent any money on them, though I figured my friend spent enough money for the both of us. :)

IIRC, there was a Knights of the Dinner Table strip about a computer thing where BM inputed the data in the VR machine for the characters and the adventure. Each person then put on the helm and actually BECAME their characters. Something like that would be pretty cool. It's like LARPing I suppose [though I've never actually LARPed], but better and in the comfort of your own home with only your friends.

Instead of coming out with a book adventure, they'd put the module onto disc and you can just install it into the VR program.


Thanee said:
There was a 2nd printing of 3E as well, and maybe also of earlier editions of AD&D. :p


some of those were counted as different editions by TSR.

2edD&D (Holmes)
3edD&D (Holmes)

but by this thread's numbering they would be 6ed and 7ed.

Dog Moon

Bah, too much crap about this edition, that edition. We should use a different word.

Okay, this is what I get when I put edition into the Thesaurus [ http://thesaurus.reference.com/ ].

Not many of these are REALLY fitting though.

copy, impression, imprint, number, printing, program, publication, reissue, release, reprint, reprinting, version, volume

I do however like the idea of 4th Impression. I think if enough of us press hard enough, we might have 4I instead of 4E.

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