What Game Systems Do You Have?


I'm maintaining a list of different systems I have - partly to discourage me from buying more (Yeah, right!) and partly to know what I have available as options. I'm keeping this organized by listing the same game in the same line (since 1st edition AD&D and OSRIC are pretty much the same) and also organizing by genre (if applicable).

What games do you have?
  1. B/X (Rules Cyclopedia, OSE, etc.) D&D Editions
  2. 1st Edition AD&D (OSRIC)
  3. 2nd Edition AD&D (For Gold and Glory)
  4. 3rd Edition (3.5, Pathfinder)
  5. 4th Edition D&D
  6. 5th Edition D&D
  7. Level Up: Advanced 5e
  8. Pathfinder 2e
  9. Swords & Wizardry OSR
  10. Basic Fantasy
  11. Castles & Crusades
  12. Hyperborea 3e
  13. Mork Borg Other Fantasy
  14. Warhammer Fantasy 2e
  15. Warhammer Fantasy 4e
  16. Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  17. Zweihander
  18. Forbidden Lands
  19. RuneQuest
  20. Dungeon Crawl Classics
  21. Shadow of the Demon Lord
  22. 13th Age
  23. Dungeon World
  24. Savage Pathfinder
  25. The Fantasy Trip
  26. Warlock!
  27. Star Wars (WEG) Sci-Fi
  28. Star Wars SAGA
  29. Star Wars (Fantasy Flight)
  30. Coriolis
  31. Starfinder
  32. Gamma World 1e
  33. Gamma World 7e
  34. After the Bomb
  35. Savage Rifts
  36. Deadlands Lost Colony
  37. Esper Genesis
  38. Mothership
  39. Vast Grimm
  40. Hollow Earth Expedition
  41. Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) Modern
  42. Call of Cthulhu (d20)
  43. Deadlands
  44. Holler
  45. TMNT & Other Strangeness
  46. Mutants in the Now/Next
  47. Twilight 2000
  48. Kids on Bikes
  49. Monster of the Week
  50. Vaesen
  51. Mutants and Masterminds
  52. Marvel (FASERIP)
  53. D20 Modern
  54. Savage Worlds Generic Systems
  55. Byte
  56. Index Card RPG

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Not very many yet, not counting PDFs (too many and I don't play them anyway, I buy paper if I intend to):
  1. D&D BECMI (up to Companion as Master and Immortals were never published in France)
  2. Old-School Essentials (basic and advanced)
  3. Dungeon World
  4. Paranoia 2nd edition
  5. Dungeon World
  6. Ironsworn + Delve
  7. Ironsworn Starforged
  8. Classic Traveller 81
  9. You & I : Roleplaying Games for Two (a collection of small narrative RPGs)

I have stopped counting long ago. I had about 6 linear meters of printed books in 2018, but have probably sold at least half of that by now. If we look at PDFs, I have 333 folders for different game systems, some of which are actually game system families (like D&D, World of Darkness, Warhammer Fantasy, etc.). Plus 1 generic folder that contains stuff like general purpose zines and adventures, articles, etc.
I have found that the size of my collection is not really a detractor to further purchases. What helped was: a) a large Excel sheet in which I record all my expenses, including game purchases and crowdfundings, b) actually reading stuff cover-to-cover instead of just skimming, c) doing an estimating of how long it would take me to play through even the top 10 of my material at the pace of one game a week. Probably being at a point in life that asked for a reassessment of priorities also helped.


Games I own - (some I have because I proofread them, and I make sure to get hold of a copy if it comes in print):


  1. 5e Adventures in Oz​
  2. Brancalonia​
  3. D&D (1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, Basic edition) - All player's handbooks. Some setting books like different kits etc for 2e, and some of the stuff for 5e including GM and Monster Manual.​
  4. D20 Modern​
  5. Grim Tales​
  6. Interface Zero (Starfinder compatible)​
  7. Lemuria (Swedish pulp in a fictitious 1930s)​
  8. Pathfinder 1e​
  9. Pure steam (Pathfinder 1e compatible)​
  10. Starfinder​
  11. Trudvang adventures​
  1. Atomic Robo​
  2. Brainjacked​
  3. Breakfast Cult​
  4. Daring Comics RPG​
  5. Do - Fate of the Flying Temple​
  6. Dresden Files​
  7. Dresden Files Accelerated​
  8. Fate Accelerated​
  9. Fate Core (plus all worldbooks and most toolkits in physical form)​
  10. Henchmen​
  11. Herald - Lovecraft & Tesla​
  12. Kaiju incorporated​
  13. Marked for Death​
  14. Pariah Missouri​
  15. Part time Gods​
  16. Sky pirates of the Mediterranean​
  17. Spirit of The Century​
  18. The Ministry Initative (Based on the Ministry of Peculiar Occurences books)​
Storeyller/Storypath systems
  1. Changeling the Dreaming​
  2. Scion 2e (Origin, Hero, Demigod, Titanomachy, Mysteries of the World, Dragon, Mask of Mythos)​
  3. Vampire 1e core bok​
  1. Aki – Ett gulligt litet rollspel (Swedish game in less than 2 A4-pages)​
  2. BESM​
  3. Blades in the Dark​
  4. Blood & Honour​
  5. Call of Cthulhu 2e (reprinted version for the 40 year jubilee)​
  6. Call of Cthulhu Sverige (Swedish version of 7e, with a Swedish setting)​
  7. Cold Shadows​
  8. Cthulhutech​
  9. Darksword Adventures​
  10. Drakar och Demoner (1985 version, DoD expert + Gigant, Free League version)​
  11. Elfquest 2e​
  12. En Garde! (Swedish game about a swashbuckling 18th century. Not sure if this is 2e or 3e.)​
  13. Evolutionens barn (Swedish science fiction game)​
  14. Fall (Swedish game from a challenge. Complete game in max 1000 words and theme Autum)​
  15. Ghosts of Albion​
  16. Good Society - A Jane Austen rpg (core book + expansion book)​
  17. GURPS: Girl Genius​
  18. Götterdämmerung (Swedish game of occult 18th century France. The new version is called Lex Occultum)​
  19. Halloweenia (My entry in a competition for a game in 1000 words or less, with the theme Autumn)​
  20. Hjältarnas tid (Swedish fantasy game)​
  21. Jim Henson's Labyrint - The Adventure Game​
  22. John Carter RPG​
  23. Järn (Swedish fantasy game in a clan society)​
  24. Kontinuum (Swedish Science fiction game)​
  25. Kopparhavets Hjältar (Swedish fantasy)​
  26. Kult: Divinity Lost​
  27. Leviathan (Swedish science fiction game with underwater bases)​
  28. Matiné (Swedish pulp-stuff)​
  29. MERP​
  30. Magneter & Mirakel (Swedish weird science fiction where magnets play a huge role)​
  31. More than Human (Swedish superhero game)​
  32. Monkey (Based upon the legend of the Monkey King and the Journey to the West)​
  33. Neoviking​
  34. Noir (Swedish dark Noir game)​
  35. Nordiska Väsen (English title: Vaesen)​
  36. Null State (Swedish science fiction game)​
  37. Operation: Fallen Reich (British agents in WWII. Cthulhu meets Jeeves & Wooster)​
  38. Nyckelringsspelet (Swedish game, small enough to be carried in a key-chain)​
  39. Paranoia (the latest card-based version)​
  40. Pirater! (Swedish Swashbuckling game about pirates)​
  41. Rotsystem (Swedish postapocalyptic cyberpunk science fiction game)​
  42. Saga (Swedish fantasy game)​
  43. Savage Worlds Explorer edition​
  44. Shadowrun (everything for 1e+2e, Core book for 3e, 4e)​
  45. Skjut dom i huvudet (Swedish Zombie game. Looks like a VHS Cassette)​
  46. Skymningshem: Andra Imperiet​
  47. Space 1889 Red Sands (Savage World edition)​
  48. Svanesång (Swedish game from a challenge. Complete game in max 1000 words and theme Autum)​
  49. Sword Princess (game based upon a genderswitched Swedish manga)​
  50. Tales From the Loop + Things from the Flood​
  51. Tellus (Swedish science fiction game)​
  52. Terone (Swedish game about Ruins & Dreams)​
  53. The Dark Crystal Adventure Game​
  54. The Dune Rose (A game based on Romance novels)​
  55. The One Ring 2e​
  56. The Princess Bride rpg​
  57. The Troubleshooters​
  58. Trail of Cthulhu​
  59. Trollvinter (very cute Swedish fantasy game)​
  60. Twilight 2000 (4e)​
  61. Viking (Swedish games about vikings)​
  62. Västmark (Swedish fantasy game, set in an alternate Europe.)​
  63. Western 4e​
  64. Western City (wild west)​
  65. World of Dew + Sound of Water​
  66. Ödesväktarna (Swedish weird fantasy game. Pseudo-Babylonian setting with lots of cults and mysteries.)​


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I culled my RPG library a decade or so ago, down from about 120. Off the top of my head, I still have:

D&D (from the 3 softcovers to 4ed)
D20 Modern
D20 Future
Midnight 2Ed
Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved
HERO (from initial Champions! release to 6Ed, but not Fuzion)
Original The Fantasy Trip/In The Labyrinth
Heroes Unlimited
Palladium Fantasy
Beyond the Supernatural
After the Bomb
Brave New World
Justice Machine
Silver Age Sentinels
Deadlands (original & D20)
Northern Crown
Traveler (from original to current incarnation)
Prime Directive
Star Wars D20
Amazing Engine
Cypher System
The Strange
ACE (unpublished RPG playtest material)

(I’m probably missing a couple.)
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Pathfinder 1e (PDF only)
Pathfinder 2e (PDF only)
Dungeon World (PDF)
Fate Core (PDF)
Fate Accelerated (PDF)
Level Up (PDF)
Novus (PDF)
FantasyCraft (PDF)
Legend (PDF - OGL version of Mongoose Runequest)
The One Ring 1e
The One Ring 2e
Star Wars WEG d6 2nd ed. Revised
Swords of the Serpentine
Night's Black Agents
Mechwarrior original d6
Savage Worlds (along with at least a dozen campaign settings for it)
Spellbound Kingdoms
Burning Wheel Gold
Star Wars - FFG / Narrative Dice
Ironsworn + Delve
Ironsworn: Starforged
Tiny d6 (Frontiers + Dungeons)
Forged in the Dark: Court of Blades

I don't regret any previous cullings of my RPG material (got rid of 20+ D&D 3.x books maybe 10 years ago; some GURPS stuff a couple of years ago), with one glaring exception --- I rue the day I sold my original printing of the 1991 Rules Cyclopedia. What was I thinking? 🙃

*Edit: remembered and added WOIN (PDF); Court of Blades to the list.
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I managed to get rid of everything except 5e books and a handful of older supplements and some 3pp stuff that I might reference.


I don't believe in the no-win scenario
Easier to just name the ones I like and actively or want to use.

Pathfinder Classic.
Traveller '77
Traveller Mongoose 1E and 2E.
Battletech Destiny
Genesys (FFG variety pack)
Savage Worlds.
Carbon 2185
Call of Cthulhu (various editions)


About 20 years ago I got rid of a car full of games, including RPGs. What I have now is:

  1. D&D 5E
  2. D&D 4E
  3. D&D 3.5
  4. D&D 2E
  5. D&D BECMI
  6. AD&D 1E
  7. D&D 0E
  8. GURPS
  9. The Fantasy Trip
  10. Toon
  11. Fate Core System
  12. Scum and Villainy
  13. The One Ring 2E
  14. Pathfinder 2E
  15. Savage Worlds
  16. Feng Shui 2
The older D&D editions I just have scanned copies from DM's Guild. I still have a Rolemaster book (my mom saved it because I worked on it), but I don't have the system books any more.

let's see, i've got folders (not including playtests) for...
  1. dnd 3.5
  2. 4e
  3. 5e
  4. level up a5e
  5. only war
  6. castles and crusades
  7. deadlands 20th anniversary
  8. genius the transgression (a fanmade WOD game, i think?)
  9. ironsworn
  10. jags (just another gaming system)
  11. the potato rpg (a one-page singleplayer sort of joke rpg)
  12. pathfinder 2e
  13. the root rpg
  14. what's old is new (all 3 core books)
  15. dungeons the dragoning (i.e. 4chan's surprisingly comprehensible mental breakdown of a system)
i've only ever played 4e, 5e, a5e, pf2e, and potato. a number of these (genius, the dragoning, ironsworn, only war, castles and crusades, deadlands) i just have for curiosity's sake. i'm thinking of grabbing BECMI (or more specifically the rules cyclopedia and the immortals rules) for the same reason. jags i picked up out of curiosity and for the wonderland setting (which is actually pretty neat).

root i mainly got because of the art. i mean come on, look at them!
look at them.PNG

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