D20 Pirates!


Since today is the aforementioned talk like a puffy shirted parrot lover day, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of D20 products specifically aimed at the pirate lovers among us.

So what D20 books have been released so far that deal with pirates?

What swag is there to be found for the D20 pirate? What is prime booty and what is useless dross?

Dead Man's Cove
Islands of Gold: The Midnight Archipelago
Swashbuckling Adventures

Avalance Press
Black Flag: Pirates of the Carribean
Sea & Foam: War in the Age of Sail

Green Ronin
Skull & Bones
Black Sails Over Freeport
Creatures of Freeport
Death in Freeport
Denizens of Freeport
Freeport: The City of Adventure
Hell in Freeport
Madness in Freeport
Tales of Freeport
Terror in Freeport
Treasures of Freeport (.pdf)

Goodman Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics #4 - Bloody Jack's Gold (.pdf)

Grinning Goblin
Dark Shadows on the Isle of Breeze

Kenzer Co.
Loona: Port of Intrigue
Salt & Sea Dogs: The Pirates of Tellene

Legion Publishing
Critical Hits #28 - The Serpent's Fang (.pdf)

Living Imagination

Mongoose Publishing
Conan: The Pirate Isles
Power Classes IX: Pirate
Seas of Blood: Fantasy on the High Seas

Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Depths of Despair

Skald Books
Plunder and Murder: Pirate Queens of the Pelaegos (.pdf)

SeaWorks: Maiden of the High Seas
SeaWorks: Skull Cove

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Skull and Bones is my pick for best d20 pirate book. Rooted in historical Caribbean setting, it avoids most fantasy influences, but still allows for some magic in the form of voodoo, and a few monsters from the deep. Good naval rules.

Living Imagination's Pirates! has some good NPCs, but is more heavy on the fantasy side, and includes several features specifically intended to complement LI's other products. Broadsides!, by the same company, is an excellent set of naval adventuring rules.

Swashbuckling Adventures and its non-d20 ascendent, 7th Sea, can be used for pirate games to great effect, but the crux of the games, to me, always seemed more grounded in the Three Musketeers than in Captain Blood. Swashbuckling Adventures is rife with prestige classes, most of which are designed to mesh with the games' Theah setting. Ship-to-ship combat is all but ignored in SA.

There have been several other naval/pirate supplements for d20 fantasy that I haven't seen and whose names escape me.

And then on the older side of the coin is FGU's Privateers and Gentlemen.


Salt and Sea Dogs for the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting is a much more traditional D&D-esque approach to pirates. It incorporates D&D races, classes, etc in a very traditional D&D setting.


The "Depths of Despair" by Matt Forbeck (of Brave New World fame) is a module/setting with lots of great sailing bits for a d20 campaign. I highly recommend it. :)
Pirates Isles

for Conan (Mongoose Publishing). Of course it's not puff-shirt pirate, but bloody reaver of the southern coast pirate.

Includes adventure seeds, floor plans, rules for ship-to-ship combat, rules for mutinies, some feats, town generator, and magic (no prestige classes).

Actual pirate class is in the main Conan book