Level Up (A5E) Damaging Weapon and Armor

Subtle Knife

Page 324 of the Adventurer's Guide provides rules on Maintenance of weapons and armor, which dictates these may become damaged or even broken if they are particularly hard on their gear (with some examples of how this might happen, save DCs and outcomes).

However, page 422 and 423 has detail on how to determine the Hit Points, Armor Class, and possible Damage Threshold for items of various sizes.

Theoretically, we end up in a two-tier system for determining outcomes, which can be problematic, but I think there are opportunities here to make it context-based. Have the Maintenance rules apply to the circumstances as dictated/listed and other 'unfocussed' material stressors, while you can also use the HP/AC/DT rules apply to 'focused' material stressors.

In essence, it becomes the dichotomy of Attack Roll vs Saving Throw, but for your sword!

Example 1 - Maintenance Check - You are swallowed by a Purple Worm. You need to make maintenance checks for your armor and whatever weapon(s) you are wielding to prevent wormy stomach acid from degrading them, may be damaged or broken.

Example 2 - you are wielding a mundane battleaxe against an opponent with an adamantine greatsword, and that opponent *specifically targets your weapon". Attack roll against AC, damage to weapon if hit, may be damaged or broken.



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