Dark Places & Demogorgons: Peter Rottentail and the Pot o’ Gold

That rabbit being used to celebrate spring does not look quite right. And that leprechaun spotted in the woods cannot be real and guarding gold can it? Introduce a dangerous bunny and glittering gold to your Dark Places & Demogorgons or D&D campaign.

The Dark Places & Demogorgons Holiday Special pdf contains a plethora of holiday themed monsters to enjoy.[/I][/B] Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Arbor Day, and Derby (Horse Racing) Day are all holidays that connected together make for a fine series of low level adventures. Monsters from Dark Places & Demogorgons can easily be converted to D&D campaigns.

During the winter, a shooting star falls from the sky. No one realizes it is a monster from the stars come looking for prey. The star fall coincides with magical books, secretly cursed, being gifted during Christmas/winter solstice. Befana, known as the white witch and ally to Old St. Nick, visits the PCs to hand out magical healing candy and a set of carving knives. Befana tells the teens/adventurers to bring the knives along anytime they visit a bookseller. With no further explanation, she flies off on her broom.

The sighting of a leprechaun in early spring has treasure hunters tromping through the woods. And disappearing. The leprechaun leads a merry chase past traps like pits, deadfalls, snares, and falling rocks. When finally caught, the leprechaun actually does have a pot of gold which morphs into an alien flesh eating monster.

A month later during Easter/fertility holiday for D&D the use of one of the magic books to bring a fallen bunny back has consequences. The local church/temple becomes ground zero for a zombie outbreak and only the PCs can stop it. The zombunny has also laid dozens of colorful eggs containing baby zombunnies. If they hatch, the surrounding countryside will be overrun.

Less than a week later on Arbor Day/spring celebration a student/druid apprentice disappears in the forest. He leaves behind classmates with ongoing curses brought about from his magical book. This bully has been taken by Mother, a tree spirit, and his fate is dire if the PCs don’t step in. PCs who defeated the pot of gold alien have additional clout to bargain with the Mother. The Mother knows magical curing herbs for the curses which she shares if she doesn’t kill the PCs instead.

Finally, a horse race draws near. One rancher tries to get ahead by using his magic book to summon a steed which turns out to be a literal nightmare. The monster is roaming the countryside endangering the horses and ranchers. PCs have to chase it, put out fires, and defeat it before it starts killing.

Three encounters with cursed magical books lead to the PCs to the local bookseller to see who is behind the sales. The bookseller is Elphaba, a little old lady, also an herbalist and midwife, who secretly follows dark spirits. Every fifty years she spreads death in return for long life and that time has arrived. Using a magical book she summons Tur’Da Kun, an ancient gluttony demon, to destroy the PCs. Tur’Da Kun is immune to non-magical weapons, but Befana’s carving knives affect him and can be wielded like swords. Elphaba may also know a spell or two of her own.

The PDF is free. And the connected adventures end in a fight with a scalding gravy spewing demon and a little old lady who can say, “And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids and their immortal white witch”. No reason to wait, it is time to celebrate springtime.

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