D&D 5E Dark Sun, is it the new setting for Acquisitions Incorperated?


Nope. The writer mostly did it ad a joke expecting the editor to veto it. They didn't.

Note this was right near the end of TSR pre WotC buyout. Last Sea was one of the last products made.

Conceptually it's kind of fine a last fragment of the Green Age.
Mind you, I think that the idea they were going for could have been interesting, they simply went too far with it and turned the setting from a dystopia to a parody.

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I crit!
One of the writers of 4e DarkSun and if the DarkSun living campaign, that also worked in the AcqInc book published by WotC



It's not my jam, indeed, the AI book is the only 5E book I haven't bought. But they used them to promote Ravnica, too, didn't mean the Rav ica book was AI-fied.
I am not an Acq Inc fan at all, but I still bought their 5e book. The adventure is pretty fun, and the franchise rules are solid as well. You can easily strip out the Acq Inc specific cheese and use those rules for running a generic business if nothing else.

As an aside, as much as I love Dark Sun, I hate that TSR used the Papyrus font on the later DS products ... sigh ...

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