Darkfinder, the new Pathfinder spin-off.

Mixture of action pulp and gothic horror, technology from atom age vs dark fey lords, Flash Gordon vs Hammer films monsters, Mandrake the Magician vs Terminator, Buck Rogers vs Doom Eternal, the Phantom, the ghost who walks, vs the alien bugs(Starship Troopers), Green Hornet vs Robur the Conqueror, Miguel Strogov vs the alien tripods (War of the Worlds), el Zorro vs Leto II Atreides' minions, Ken Allard(the shadow) vs Mortal Kombat, Barbarella vs Vampirella, Indiana Jones vs Pinhead & Cenobites, Dick Tracy vs Resident Evil, Richard Wentworth(the spider) vs Jareth, the king goblin, Tony Quinn(black bat) vs the necromorphs(dead space), Tarzan vs Lovecraftian cults, Green Lama vs Pennywise, the Lone Ranger vs the invasion of the body snatchers, Wild Wild West vs Ghost of Mars, prince Valiant vs Zero Horizon Dawn, Doc Savage vs the planet of the apes, Rocketeer vs Fu Manchu, Dan Dare vs Tiberian Sun, Sheena the jungle queen vs Dark Void (videogame), Captain Future vs Soulcalibur. Our heroes have to survive the mysterious menaces in the efialtisphere, a world of nightmare, strange wonders and lost civilizations, where each moon has a "tenebris-regio", a twisted version of the other side of the mirror where cruel dark fey lords rule with a mixture of grim glamour and splanterpunk arcanetech, with machines fueled by the suffering of sinner souls. A group of "moons" and little stars in a ring around a dark gaseous planet within a Dyson sphere by dark matter. This is invisible and incorporeal and can't be touched or sensed, but can keep constant distance between the celestial bodies like a giant planetarium. It is also like a force shield against impacts by biggest meteors. Sometimes it can be found in cavorite, a special mineral found in the meteorites of the ring of asteroids. Carvorite is used for aeronautic industry and travel between the moons. Some moons are full of post-Ragnarock ruins of civilizations who reached the atomic age but still could use magic. Of course we will find new classes and races as Prometheans, living constructs reborn-relived from dead corpses who were animated by pyros (alchemy energy). Other race will be the pookas, little cute furry anthropomorphic animals who are the favorite preys of supernatural predators. There is XX century technology, but there is a great technophobia among the masses because machines were possessed and controlled by evil spirits and infernal outsiders in the past, and divine magic areas don't allow firearms to work near sacred temples in cities, and many supernatural factions, specially dark fey lord, don't allow them in their own domains.
New crossover in the world of the videogames: Hasbro vs Capcom, a arcanepunk post-apocalypse shooter with some missions of vehicles fight or tower defense with traps. We will see the return of "old glories" as "Captain Commando", "Battle Circuit", "Inhumanoids", "Visionaries", "M.A.S.K", "Rom: Spaceknight", "Battle Beasts" or "Shadow over Mystara"(D&D). It will add a mission editor to create your own missions, or even machinima movies.
The black lanterns, from the "Darkest Night" event by DC will be a DLC for Mortal Kombat 11. Some "guests" will be Prometheus, Wrath and Killer Moth.
Agreement between WotC and Paizo. Dragonborn and Warlocks will can be in the SRD of Pathfinder, and D&D SRD will be allow 5th Ed version of Pathfinder SRD.
The werelagomorph or were-hare will be a D&D canon monster again (it appeared in Dragon Magazine #156).

The return of the chronomancers, from AD&D 2nd Ed, with this own setting, placed in the demiplane of Ri-Laganth, created to avoid effect of time paradoxes by crononauts. The chronomancers will can visit alternative timelines of canon D&D worlds, for example a Krynn where the cataclysm was avoided by lord Soth, or Athas where Kalak survived Thitian's treason but he couldn't become a new dragon. One of the antagonists will be the oards, from the module "where the chaos reigns", and two forgotten aliens will reappear, the Raels and Kir(ian)-Overseers from "Odyssey: tale of the comet".

The mini-setting Jakandor will come back in a crossover mini-campaign with Dark Sun, Council of Wyrms and Hollow Earth. The key is the dark domain of Kalidnay in the demiplane of the dread. Now Nova-Kalidnay is within a unknown region whose name is the "Crimson Sphere". Also it will include new classes, wardens (warriors wearing a bionoid life-shape tech symbiotic) and seekers (martial adepts with maneuvers about range attack and some tricks of primal magic).

Agreement among Wizards of the Coast and Dreamscarred Press to publish the 5th Ed of "Magic of Incarnum" and "Tome of Battle: Book of the Nine Swords". A new class will be the nahualt, a totem warrior with soulmelds to get some monster traits. Ninja, Samurai and Sohei will be "martial adepts" with ki maneuvers. The favored soul will by a hybrid class mixing spontaneous divine magic and soulmelds to add traits by planar monster templates.

IDW publishing announces a limited serie about crossover among Transfomers and Kaladesh (one of the worlds from Magic: the Gathering with arcanepunk machines).
Crossover between Ravenloft and Innistrad (Magic the Gathering). "Don't fear the walking dead, not so much when all are eaten by the therianthropes". Other crossover will be with Obsidian Apocalypse, by Louis Porter Jr Design.
The knight of the black rose will come back to Sithicus, a dark domain from the demiplane of the dread(Ravenloft) but we don't know if he is the original lord Soth. Kas the vampire who betrayed Vecna will be also there as a vestige of pact magic.

My little pony: friendship magic will have got a new spin-off about centauress girls in a fantasy world of sword and sorcery. This setting will be a new canon D&D world.

The "lost episode" of D&D 80s cartoon will be broadcasted with the original recorded voices and like a "prequel" of the upcoming D&D cartoon, now with a new generation of heroes. This time Kareena, Venger's sister, will be the new Dungeon Master.

A new line of action-figure toys about (Spelljammer) D&D version of old Hasbro franchises. This characters and vehicles will go with their own stats for d20 system.
Fortnite will publish new skins based in characters from Dragonlance saga, but Flint and Tassefolt will be as medium size humans. Other skins will be inspired in Rom spaceknight, micronauts or visionaries. Some rumors talks about characters from "Orcs must die: Unchained" like new skins for Fortnite, and from "Unreal Tournament".
Paragon, the disappeared MOBA by Epic Games will return like a rebooted option within the mode Fortnite Creative .

G.R.R Martin will write a "homebrew" version of Aebrynis, the world of Birthright setting.

The new great project of Wizards of the Coast is "d20 Universal", a new d20 Modern with lots of radical changes. It will use dices of 14, 16 and 18 sides, and the abilities will be Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha but also new ones: Astuteness, Courage, Grace (mixture of karma, fate and luck) and Technique(crafting, arts, playing music, dance, martial arts, learned in advance actions or speed reflex aren't necessary). A special module will use a different progress or leveling up of the PCs with two branches: level of power and level of ego. The ego would be all memory (skills, studies, known languages..). This would allow games where PCs are too powerful (for example transformers or superheroes) for the standard leveling up but they can get XPs to improve their level of ego (learning more skills). They are plans for a space-fantasy version of d20 G.I.Joe, with a retro-future look, where Cobra is an alien invader race, with "easter eggs" of other Hasbro franchises.

Onyx Path and Nosolorol (a Spanish publisher company) will work together to create a special version of "Changeling: the Dreaming" adapted to little children, with a simple game system very similar to "Magissa rpg" (not translated to English language yet). This company has got some experience with titles of RPG for children as "Time Adventure" and "Steven Universe".


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