Free dddice - Roll 3D digital dice live with your whole party


Digital 3D dice roller | dddice - Create a private room and start rolling in seconds!

dddice allows anyone to roll RPG dice for free and for any system. Create private rooms and roll live with your whole party. Roll d20s, fudge dice, percentiles, and much more. Create your own custom dice using our basic dice editor to quickly craft dice with different colors, fonts, custom values, and more. You can even share your custom dice with friends (or foes, we don't judge.)

Extend dddice with an API and SDK and bring the power of 3D dice to any tool you currently use!

We're actively building dddice and looking for additional feedback to make rolling dice as easy as possible. We're currently working on a browser extension to integrate dddice with tools such as D&DBeyond, FoundryVTT, Roll20, and more.

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