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ZEITGEIST Deathwyrm's Zeitgeist Campaign - Clockwork Eclipse


Hey yo. A few months ago, I picked up a couple PDFs of the Zeitgeist adventure path and dug it a whole lot. Some of the big set piece action scenes were absolutely bonkers but written smartly enough that it makes sense why all this weird stuff is happening. Naturally, I bought the 3 enormous hardcovers and what a mighty strain they put on my shelves alongside other monumentally sized tomes like Slumbering Tsar and Northlands Saga.

Having finished up running Rise of the Runelords for one of my groups of players, we were looking for something fantasy but less traditional. I never really enjoyed big steampunk things, but the gritty industrialized fantasy nature of the old Thief trilogy of games made me want to give this a shot. Recently we had finished part one, Island at the Axis of the World and everyone's enjoying the heck out of it.

So long story short, I made a thread to showboat about how good it's been, and if I have any questions about things that don't make sense I can trust in a decent community of gamers to flesh things out.

So far, the only thing's I really changed were three points. First, Leveling Up happens at story appropriate moments. Rise of the Runelords had a very fast paced advancement system. The players requested that things get slowed down a bit, so they can adjust to the changes the character's receive. Which also leads to point two, which is more one-off sessions where they can handle one shot cases before diving back into the main plot. I reskinned a few Society Scenarios to pad out the length at the start. Third, I structured the game to have kind of a syndicated TV show feel. Sessions begin in media res with the group handling something in Flint, then I play the series' theme song (Kevin Macloud - Industrial Revolution, if anyone wants to YouTube it) and the players describe what they're doing in the opening montage, then we get to the meat of the session. So far they've loved it.

I think that's everything so far for set up. Onto the characters.... the intrepid investigators of Task Force: Berling (apparently it's a reference? I didn't get it though)

Detective Adolf Goodwyne - Lawful Neutral Human Investigator: Once a rural boy with a bright mind, he came to Flint to refine his intellect and joined the Royal Homeland Constabulary seeing it as the best outlet to do some good. After his deductions resulted in the apprehension of the Stray River Strangler, he was given a promotion and tasked to put together a capable team of specialists. Naturally, first he knew of another brilliant man that would be an asset...

Dr Grigori Basch - Lawful Neutral Human Mesmerist: Only child in a wealthy family, Dr Basch attended some of the finest schools but his morbid interest in the psychology of the criminal mind made his recruitment to the RHC only natural. Obsessed with craniology, he often requests to measure people's heads... which can be off-putting to many. Some accuse what he does as spellcasting, but he doesn't believe in relying on such superstitious nonsense. What they call "spells" are simply advanced psychological techniques with scientific explanations. Hearing that his colleague Det. Goodwyne is putting together a crack team, he felt he knew just the right "man of the people" to help them do the dirty work that scholars just can't...

Constable Mikkel Orel - Neutral Good Human Gunslinger (Docker) - Having spent years as a general labourer in the many shipping companies around Flint, Mikkel had no patience for the shady illegal nonsense he saw as putting added pressure on an already overworked populace, and he was able to back it up with his gun when necessary. He joined the RHC as a way of helping to get at those shadowy organizations that extort and bully the common person. Of course he accepted Dr Basch's invitation to join the new Task Force, provided that his new duties doesn't take away from his cause. That said, if it's some muscle they're looking for... there's someone at his Wednesday night tavern gambling circle that would fit the bill...

Constable Threm - Neutral Good Human Swashbuckler - Once a capable recruit of the RHC, Threm was able to get results through a bizarre combination of brash bravado and just plain dumb luck. Those results keep him in the agency's good graces but his drinking and gambling habits always keeps him a close shave away from "turn in your badge, you're a loose cannon". He was excited when Mikkel approached him for this new team, and he reassured his recreational drug provider would make for a good addition...

Dr Teko Brinolt - Neutral Good Tiefling Alchemist (Chirurgeon) - Originally a resident of Danor, the last war put a sour taste in his mouth, so he and his family fled to Risur where it would be presumably safer for them. Unfortunately his wife and children didn't survive the journey. Originally he wanted to open a physician's practice in Flint, but with little money to his name the best he could find was being a chemical consultant to the RHC as well as crafting non-addictive recreational drugs to keep rent paid. Joining the Task Force of course meant he would have to join the RHC properly, and they made it crystal clear that side dealing of illegal substances wouldn't be simply ignored like before. To help him stay on the narrow path of the law, he asked his cousin to join as well...

Cysgod Awyr - Neutral Good Aasimar (Plumekith) Ninja - Due to severe family debts, Cysgod spent many years as a saboteur in the West Breland Market Consortium's smuggling channels. Until one day a job went bad and the RHC busted a specific warehouse they were working through. The young Cysgod was apprehended, but for his skills he was allowed a clean break if he puts his shadowy skills to use for the government. He was hesitant at first, but accepted and settled in, even reconnecting with his cousin Dr Brinolt. He was hesitant to join the new Task Force, stating "you know I work alone", but he's slowly coming to find this group like an extended family. Of course, he's always on the lookout in case the Consortium returns looking for their lost agent.

That should do for a first posting. The team was put together through the natural movie trope of "getting the team together", which took about the first 1/3rd of the session. With that done, the "pilot episode" began. Something to do with the launch of a new naval vessel called the Coaltongue.

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Having wrapped up character creation, a quick scene was ran in which CST Goodwyne was commended by Assistant Inspector Delft for wrapping up the Stray River Strangler, and with a new assignment that just came across his desk, the newly promoted detective was given command of a new group.

Their first task? Crowd control at the ceremonial launch of the new RNS Coaltongue. The party divided in half, some to collaborate with the city guard (called the Bluecoats from here on, after a description of their uniform seemed to really stick with them) to canvass the growing group. Mikkel Oren checked with some of his other docker allies to determine if there were any troublemakers likely to cause a scene, which lead them to speak with Thames Grimsley. After a lengthy discussion regarding workers rights and the purpose of peaceful protest demonstrations. Content that they were on the same side, Thames gave up the names of four likely troublemakers and asked that they be stopped before they escalate the situation beyond repair. After some careful undercover infiltration, each of the four were grabbed and liberal uses of alchemical glue made sure the procession happened without incident.

Pleased well enough with the results, the Task Force was given notice that they were welcome aboard the Coaltongue to continue ensuring security. They did some slight awkward mingling with many of the major NPCs, and it wasn't until the sabotage began that they realized that they probably should have been taking notes on who these people were.

Once the boiler exploded, the Task Force was quick to groan "of course it was going to blow up" and descend into the ship to find the perpetrators.

I changed up the encounter a bit. Half of the team ended up dividing up to deal with the actual fallout of the sabotage, engaging in a series of Skill Challenges to either repair the damages done or just keep it from exploding and killing everyone. The other half engaged in a Chase scene to apprehend the culprits.


It wasn't easy for the PCs, and very generous amounts of teamwork were required in order to patch up the destruction and to catch the escaping saboteurs. In the end, they did succeed and champagne was opened... because they aren't going to let a little thing like explosions get in the way of a good launch party.

Overall? Players were thrilled with how things went down. The NPCs were very detailed and they liked how each represented a different complicated facet of a rapidly evolving society. The people they apprehended had very realistic motivations. They looked forward eagerly to the next episode.


After the devious happenings aboard the Coaltongue, I ran a couple sessions of one shot "case of the week" sessions. In the past, we found that a lot of modules seem to be in a rush to get to the next exciting bit (Rise of the Runelords) or doesn't take the time to establish a connection to the location before it's in peril (Curse of the Crimson Throne), so we wanted to slow down leveling and in true serial crime tv style, have a couple of stand alone cases. One involved a serial killer who used convoluted traps (I was rewatching the Saw series while reading Grimtooth Trap books), the other involved a double-cross in a smuggling outfit when a cursed artifact was sent to mess up one group who wanted to back out of the deal. The group took to it well, because it gave them time to traverse the streets of Flint and encounter locations that would come up later.

Then the word came in that a crisis is happening, and they have an audience with Lya Jierre, the Minister of Outsiders. They were presented with the Three Towers puzzle and solved it pretty readily by taking the connections into three dimensions. One of the good agents, gunslinger Mikkel Oren, attempted to lay down some charming sedutions, to which she replied with a mixture of humouring and annoyance. Oren took it as a "maybe we'll go on a fancy date once all this business is done" cue and they got to the matter at hand. Exposition was laid down regarding the traitorous Duchess and her intent to spark an incident between the two nations.

As they set out on the R.N.S. Impossible, they were given some guidance on how to reach the fortress, and they formulated their own plans while ruminating "Isn't this well above our paygrade? Killers are no problem, but I mean, if we fail its war. And that's on us." So for much of the trip they kept to their cabin for "strategic planning" purposes but also spent much of it getting high.

Finding a good opportunity to infiltrate the island via the Sea Cave, their stealth was ruined almost immediately and a hard battle was fought in the mine. It was a particularly thrilling conflict as it was difficult to reach Foreman Dupiers. Many "He has the high ground, Jedi logic insists we are doomed" quips were had.

Diagram A: Vertical fights suck when you're the one on the bottom.

The laying down indicated swimming.

Having made their way out, they took note of the Icons that were left there. Seeing them as strange and potentially important, the agents held onto them and continued across the island to the protected fortress. Ambushing one patrolling group of guards, they diplomatically explained the situation to them. That the situation is going to escalate. At worst, it's war and no one wins. But cooperate, and they'll see about getting the treason charges dropped.

So they were able to make it into the fortress by pretending to be part of the patrol, delayed by reality fluctuations that made things really weird for them. "You get used to that" assured the duchess' guards.

Inside the fortress, the PCs took their time in gathering information on where the Duchess was hiding, where the Danorans were being kept, and how best to create a distraction so that the Sea Gate can be opened. Once they had the information they required, they set a couple buildings on fire and created a small panic which would allow them to release the prisoners captive in the stable-brig and hopefully distract enough people to allow the gate to be opened.

What came next was one heck of a battle.

Diagram B: First wave of the Duchess' forces arrive.

Guards-a-plenty quickly found out what the ruse was and descended upon the party. Thankfully, sneak attack clobberings, caltrops placed at critical choke points, and a lot of sudden improvisation won out like 25 rounds later. Highlights include the arrangement of unconscious/dying bodies to create more difficult terrain, reloading cannons to fire upon the base itself, and every PC spending at least a couple of rounds in negative hit points. It was a close one.

Diagram C: Don't be on the business end of a firearms crit. It leaves a mess.

But ultimately, the gate was opened and reinforcements made quick work of the remaining resistance. Many had the tactical mind to know when the battle for the gate was lost and offered a surrender.

Much of the rest of the session went as scripted. The Hedge Maze presented a frustration for the players (a couple of them have bad memories of the labyrinth levels of Rappan Athuk and their phase minotaurs), but when Asrabey Varel showed up they were quick to press Gillie that they're here to make sure the Duchess doesn't get killed and an accord was struck to reach her as fast as possible.

The standoff between Duchess Ethelyn and Asrabey was intense. Both parties were pretty battered and broken. Based on what Asrabey was saying in the scripted dialogue, the PCs assessed that he's not the enemy here either, and probably is like them.... soldiers just doing their orders. After half an hour of diplomacy, Asrabey agreed to relinquish Ethelyn to the PCs provided she is seen to proper justice for her crimes, and in return some day Asrabey would call on them for a favor and the PCs can not refuse it. They swore this over a blood oath that had no mechanical effects and is mainly symbolic, but the PCs believe strongly in so they feel indebted.

With this peaceful resolution, the island was officially given back to Lya Jierre who let slip to the group about her engagement to the king of Risur. PCs immediately looked at Mikkel "Friend-Zoned Casanova" Oren for his spectacularly failed but ambitious seduction attempt. Accolades were given to the task force as they did accomplish the task set for them.

The season ended with the PCs at their favorite hang out, the Broken Oar Tavern. Many of the people were thrilled with the celebrity gossip of the king getting married. But at the corner table, the PCs sat and drank. They felt more united than before, like a true team, for having endured a harrowing assignment that forced them to rely on each other more than before. Yet at the same time, why didn't it feel like the victory they were told they were? They remembered some of the words said, that "something was seen" which prompted Duchess Ethelyn to act the way she did. That Minister Lya Jierre seemed almost too enthusiastic to have the island back, at the time of her announced betrothal. Something was obviously happening above their statuses.... but they felt like nothing could be done at that time. So on into the night they drank, reflecting on what had happened and to be more aware of who can be trusted, and perhaps how far they're willing to go outside the law in order to serve the country they are so partial too now.

Overall thoughts on the module? Really good, really well done. The players were impressed that even at such an early level into an adventuring career, this wasn't a "kill rats in a basement" trope. They felt like their actions had consequences and enormous stakes. The NPCs were very fleshed out, so that their actions seemed to entirely make sense even if their motivations were unknown. This wasn't a simple "good vs evil" story. Everyone had very good reasons to believe their actions were justified, if regrettable. By the end of it, the characters and the players understood that a lot of was going on and they were in for something big. As far as a DM goes.... constantly reading and doing prep work will pay off. There's a lot of little things that went into this and made it really fleshed out. So that when the PCs do something unexpected, it's not really deviating off any rails. There's goals and objectives, and a sandbox for them to achieve that in. Excellently well written stuff.

So far, we're a couple sessions into Season 2. I started things off with a few more cases of the week (the trap killer again, and dealing with a local gang trying to blackmail the city police), but in September we're going to get into the meat of the overplot with The Dying Skyseer. Now that they're more "experienced" and know that this isn't something brutish adventuring acts of force can resolve... I'm very enthused to see where this goes.


With one serial killer still on the loose, and a pair of daughters reunited after their kidnappings... there was barely time for a good breakfast before word came in that a body was found at the Danor Consulate and the team would need to rally fast in order to find what clues they can regarding the unusual circumstances before the scene gets too contaminated.

Overall, of the three trails of leads that they could take... the party divided to try and take all three at once, including recruiting assistance and calling in favors with the local police to support their following of leads. At the Consulate itself, Det. Goodwyne and Con. Oren looked around the scene and quickly determined a few points of flaws in LeBrix's story... but they thought it best not to dig into that just yet until they had more to go on. Meanwhile, the rest of the team combed over Nilasa's body (poorly due to cursed dice) and interviewed the staff and crowd, learning of a mysterious person who grabbed stuff from the body and fled, as well as the drugged sweets that were brought in. With enough to start on, the team set out to try and solve what exactly happened that required such extensive cover up.

Cst. Oren and Dr. Basch headed to the Thinking Man's tavern to follow up on Nilasa's background connections. The patrons were very closed off at first, but Cst. Oren did flex a bit of his reputation as a Docker sympathizer and willingly engaged in a civil debate about "legitimate authority" and the value of a persons trust in the law, and the trust the law should put in its people as well. In return, there was some good works spoken about Nilasa and reference made to her past cohorts and their incarceration. By this time, the investigative pair decided to regroup back with the main party... but their allies in the local police were recruited to try and go speak with the ex-allies on the Reformatory, in exchange for favours and an added donation fund for bribes or whatever needed.

Of course, rather than let a scene like that get delegated to NPCs, I drafted a couple quick NPC guardsman sheets and still had the players roleplay it out. The party's increased reliance on off-hand NPCs may eventually develop into a couple one off sessions as "the other guys", doing things from their perspectives while their main characters are off doing important stuff. But still, the Reformatory scene went civil. Terms were set, and added clues about a "House Elf" and "Family Wharf" to the growing conspiracy board.

Det. Goodwyne set out on the trail of the runaway doctor, figuring that this was the hottest lead and required the most action. In looking at the alleyway near the Consulate, Goodwyne determined that a battle must have occured there, but the strange oil stain was of the most interest. Following leads to where he was teaching and where he was living, the frequent mention about a mysterious and wounded "Officer Porter" seemed incredibly suspicious to the detective, and before the lead could be fully followed up on, Goodwyne decided to regroup with the others to find out what they learned so that when trouble from this Officer Porter comes they can face it as a team.

Meanwhile, constables Awyr and Dr. Brinolt followed the lead to Heward Nevard. Dr Brinolt took the lead since as an alchemist he had the most interest interest in pluming the mind of this up and coming expert. Their talks about acids and other applied scientific interests eventually got right back onto Nilasa. At this point, for some reason the investigators got really hung up on not the papers that were taken by the disappearing doctor... but a nearby witness who claimed that a pendant was also taken off her body. Offering his help however he can, Heward directed the group towards his Skyseer uncle, especially given the recent thugs who've made intimidating threats and other odd occurances.

The group reconvened to try and make sense of all the disparate clues, putting together a makeshift conspiracy board to figure it all out. Hearing that this Skyseer Nevard has spoken with not just the deceased Nilasa, but the ever elusive Gale, they set out to speak with the wise old man.

The complications of travelling through the Cloudwood delayed them, much to the annoyance of the PCs. The increased amount of gang activity is known to the team, but they decided there isn't much they can do about it at present. Though there isn't a countdown clock to their investigation, they chose that the longer they delay the colder the leads would get.

The meeting with the elder Skyseer was incredibly cordial, with most of the questions being asked by Cst. Awyr (himself an amateur Skyseer). They had a decently lengthy discussion about the march of progress and what it means for old traditions, and the value of keeping old beliefs alive even in a time that evolves too quickly to understand. Nevard promised all the aid he'd be able to give, as well as information regarding Nilasa and Gale... provided they escort him for a nocturnal mission to the top of Cauldron Hill.

Ever since the mention of Cauldron Hill a while ago, the PCs were just itching to climb it. Being super creepy and haunted and off limits just nagged at the back of their minds, and the idea that they can go there finally thrilled them. But not before meeting with Mayor MacBannin.

There was a brief encounter in the waiting room with Nicodemus, but the PCs largely dismissed him. "What a pretentious tool" I believe the words were. However, the meeting with the mayor went quite excellent. His enthusiastic offering of assistance in their protection against the evils of Cauldron Hill won them over, enough so that they didn't notice how his aid, Mr Creed, matched the description they kept getting of "Officer Porter" all day long.

In fact, it went so well that it was very noted that every single NPC was subject to a barrage of Sense Motive checks.... except the mayor. He just seemed like a "loyal civic minded citizen, I'd vote for him!"

That was where we left the session for the time being. The PCs were pretty spread thing, but they are making all the preparations they need to be in separate places at once if need be.

So far though? They enjoy the ever living bajezus out of this story, mainly because of the suspense to how all these different plot elements will hopefully eventually make sense by the end. There wasn't much in the way of combat because none of the three leads were particularly explored in depth ,but the time was taken by the players to make every scene count and every PC had their time in the spotlight to show what they can do and what their approaches to law enforcement are.

The next session will come close to the end of October, because I divide my weekend time between this campaign, a newly started Northlands Saga, and helping the technical set up of an upcoming Twitch-streamed Ravenloft project. However, all players are thrilled to see just how big the conspiracy board is eventually going to get.

Diagram A: A whole bunch of misspelled nonsense! There was a lot of chin/beard stroking and dramatically saying "But what does it mean?!"


Thank you, sir. The conspiracy board is a point of pride for the players since there were so many NPCs and hidden connections going around that it was the only way things would make sense for them. Having played in a couple previous urban campaigns, they really enjoyed how in depth all the various factions and people were. That everything was so obviously connected yet it just didn't connect yet. I wasn't able to get an updated picture because the players took the chart home for "serious revisions" after the fallout of this weekend's session.

Cauldron Hill expediton: The time spent between games was enough to make a couple of the players grow suspicious regarding Mayor Macbannin and his intentions for the group. Four of six felt that this was a good person burdened with a hard job who is doing his best to maintain order. But two, the alchemist and swashbuckler, felt something else was afoot. The Alchemist Dr. Brinolt distrusted him, saying "I prefer hard science to protect us, not his hocus pocus. Even if he means well, we shouldn't trust him." Whereas Const. Threm quickly spoke up to say "There's no more sure way to know there's a knife aimed at your back than when someone smiles that much at us."

Having some time to pick up the esteemed Skyseer, Dr. Brinolt set to testing the blood supplied to ensure it was exactly as he said and not some kind of trick. Satisfied with the results, he only grudgingly went along with this escort mission. Meanwhile, the party ninja stayed in the company of Nevard to try and better understand the role of Skyseers in society and the nature of whether visions are to be trusted, and can they be defied or are we fated to simply endure what is seen.

All things handled, they set out up Cauldron Hill to it's majestic heights. With ritual components in place the night long vigil began. For atmosphere, I had select parts of the Thief: Deadly Shadows soundtrack on a loop. As the myriad spirits and beasts lurked nearby, even the skeptical Dr. Brinolt kept to the safety of the blood circle trying to puzzle out its mechanics. The red curtain vision caught them most off guard, and even one player said "What kind of weird-*** Twin Peaks psychadelic bull**** is this? Can't we ever have a normal job?"

The Man in Black appeared late into the night with the intent to disrupt the ritual. Dr. Basch, the mesmerist, made repeated attempts to either use Diplomacy or Charm Person in an effort to make him cease, but largely the battle was a daring attempt to capture/dissuade the mysterious Man in Black and reinforce any of the rituals that would keep them safe from his disruptions.


Bloodied and battered, the night operation was a success and Nevard was quite enthused that he placed in trust in the right people. The ninja Cysgod also received his own vision, and quite alarmed by it, remained silent for most of the trip downhill where Lt. Dale met with them for the purification ritual. The roleplaying was tense as the party grew suspicious of the helpful mayor, who was one of the only ones who knew they were up that mountain in the first place.

But it was the start of a long day, and the party disbanded to rest after escorting Nevard safely to his henge.

From an Out of Character perspective, up to this point this was the weirdest encounter they had. While everything else up to this point had been light on magic and supernatural dealings, this was being confronted directly with nightmares they did not know how to deal with. The growing suspicion of the mayor caused quite the internal schism as well in the group, as half of them are Lawful Neutral "letter of the law" types, and the other half are Neutral Good "spirit of the law" characters. The ongoing debate of how far they can push their investigative activities before compromising their moral code made for some good meaty roleplaying.

There was a lot more that happened, since this was a very very long session. But so far at this time, the game was a smashing success.


Haha, yeah the curtains was impromptu. Though the module says that the curtains appear inside the circle, I chose to put it just outside as a tantalizing option to leave the safety of their protected area. Which, given how claustrophobic they felt inside... I just knew SOMEONE was going to leave. And so, the swashbuckler Const. Threm did. As the creatures began to take notice of him after the vision though, he was remarkably quick to get back inside.

The Ongoing Investigation: Though the visions of a factory aflame haunt the mind of Cysgod, the group receives an unorthodox message from Gale willing to meet at the Bridal Veil. After reassuring that they are not there to bring her in as a person of interest, she tells them a story about strange activity happening in the Bleak Gate (which has been also interchangeably referred to as the Shadowfell by some players, or even recently as the Upside-Down for obvious reasons). Before separating to rest, the party stopped at their usual hangout the Broken Oar (a rougher environment frequented by sailors) to discuss possibilities. Which includes that the Man in Black is probably an agent from the other side who may have killed and replaced Julian LeBrix at the consulate, possibly also impersonating any number of higher ranking government officials.

But first, there were other leads that needed to be searched such as this "House Elf", calling as many contacts as necessary to determine his identity... and with that a trip to his establishment began. In an attempt to suss out any nefarious dealings, Dr Brinolt and Det. Goodwyne donned disguises and seemed as interested patrons looking for "less than legal" ingredients for their scientific studies. While the two gnomes were distracted at the front desk, the Cysgod sneakily crept in from the roof and through a series of remarkable high rolls began rendering guards unconscious and disarming traps, in the search of illegal materials that would give them sufficient cause for a raid.

At the front desk, Dansica was quick to see through the terrible lies of a law enforcement agent. With them quickly found out, the pair requested for cooperation in searching the premises. Their brutish methods of "suggestion" (repeated Intimidation checks) was sufficient for Dansica to guide them to the back in the hopes of her dreaming dust trap taking care of the problem. Except... it was already disarmed.

After a quick scuffle, the pair was placed under arrest and put in separate rooms as the party attempted to turn one against the other with hackneyed "good cop, bad but somewhat incompetent cop" techniques. Still, a plea deal was struck offering directions to the general area where a man named Deorn Feldman would be making a delivery. In exchange, the gnomes would have their charges dropped and told to clean up their place as the group made further plans to go meet some smugglers at the docks.

The original plan was for the party to take no back up, in order to remain undetected for greater ambush. Yet for some reason, they felt the best way to do so was to dock further away from the exchange location, and come from the boardwalk itself on foot. Being quickly detected, the party chose to quickly change their tactings from "Get them!" to "We're just here to talk, there's bigger fish about, if you help us with some stuff we saw nothing."


This originally wasn't going to be mapped out, but I had the extra time off and spare materials. It wound up being a good reinforcement that the PCs should plan this out carefully.

So, the brave members of the task force requested to speak with the captain regarding unfortunate events in the city. They spoke their case about Nilasa's death, some kind of cover up, increased gang warring and a lot of smuggling happening which is gaining attention from their superiors not just in the city but in Slate (a Bluff), and that if they didn't want to be incriminated or brought down with any of that... then they should either vacate the city, or do something to be helpful in bringing information to light. Deorn said he'd have to talk to some people about it, but expect a reply in short time tomorrow.

The group left the wharf kicking themselves in the butt for not really thinking too clearly about what they were getting into, but were satisfied that maybe they can get some underworld insight that they've been missing the whole time. This left them all discussing for a while about the ethics of what they're doing. The Lawful Neutral characters were intent that negotiations with criminal elements is a stupid thing and a better effort should have been put in order to bring the Family in for their smuggling. The Neutral Good characters cautioned that the investigations involve a myriad of criminal elements, and taking a "no negotiations" stance is only going to harm their efforts, especially when there's the possibility of political corruption.

More happened, as it was a really long session. But so far, things went in directions I didn't expect them to. I do applaud their creativity in how they want to do things. One of the players has a career in law enforcement, so he's been enjoying having the ability to "do the stuff my agency would never think of or even be able to get away with".


So, the rest of the investigations were pretty straightforward. Following up on leads and visions, there was a quick scramble to apprehend a pair of half-dragon arsonists (leading to a lot of questions of "wait, there's half-dragons around?" and "How can I become one?"), a tense standoff with the Kell Guild, and a daring rescue of the missing doctor von Recklinghausen which ultimately resulted in the party shook their fist at the "Steelshaper" who absconded from the scene in a nice carriage (for some reason the niceness of the carriage only infuriated the characters more).

Nonetheless, after the demise of Nevard in a private gathering and imparting some last inspirational words before passing peacefully like Yoda, the party put their minds together and decided to follow up on a couple of investigators suspicions that both security chief LeBrix and Mayor Macbannin is obviously hiding something and needs to be taken in not just for answers, but possibly for their own safety. Out of duty to the city, they went to the mayor first.... and negotiations began to break down as discussions became forceful... then the glorious monologuing began and thrilling combat was engaged. At first, the PCs had no idea what to do because each time they struck the mayor it was clear the students were getting injured. But a few rounds later, the earthquakes began and the investigators went into a kind of panic about what's going on.

Diagram A: Sharpies were great for the eruption of a certain dangerous recurring necroliquid.

After a complete gangpile grapplefest to restrain the mayor, he pleaded with them to at least shut down the machinery. The basement-crawl didn't take as long as I had thought it would, but it was still full of "oh holy ****" moments as the players realized the scope of what they were dealing with.

It all culminated with an excellent duel with Cillian Creed on the walkways over the witchoil. I believe he was meant to be dealt with on the main mansion grounds, but a cool walkway battle felt thematically Star Wars-y as some of the PCs seperated to deal with the machinery even as Creed kept trying to deal with them.


In the end, bad guys were dead or apprehended. Tragic events were averted, and the players felt pretty good about what they had done... until the death of Macbannin inside the jail. Upon hearing of that, paranoia ramped up. There was a lot of silence before speculations about who got to him, what he was hiding, and if anyone in the capital or even the RHC could be trusted.

Very fitting capstone to Season 2.

Things they enjoyed was how dense the mystery became compounded. There was just so much information doled out that it was hard for them to sift through it all and get a coherent direction to go in without some serious planning. On that, it challenged them as players not just as characters. Answers were revealed, but never without more questions and even after the mystery of Nilasa's death was solved... there's still just so much clearly going on that some of the PCs downtime actions has been setting up cover identities in case the spooks come after them for knowing too much.

From my perspective, I read these forums enough to know to read this chapter of the game is especially challenging because of the sheer volume of motives and pathways. I found it best to separate the leads along a series of flowcharts on the back of the DM screen. That certainly helped, as well as using the NPC portraits printed out on cards so I can flash that as supporting characters kept reappearing. Thankfully, having done a lot of Vampire: The Masquerade plots way back when, balancing a ton of NPCs and their constant intrigue wasn't the worst.

With all this accomplished, Season 3 will begin with a couple stand off "case of the week" episodes. As all these adventures have happened, the PCs have been making friends and allies with a variety of local NPCs from different agencies and offering to sponsor them if they want to join the RHC eventually. Seeing that in the 4th or 5th adventure, a B-Team supports the group during a major crisis... it seems like a good opportunity for that B-Team to be the hand picked group they recruited and their first case (a pretty reworked version of Dungeon magazine's Chimes at Midnight), with the players taking up their roles. So it'll be several weeks or a couple months because the holidays are weird before the main stuff of Digging for Lies kicks off.

All in all? Great stuff.

Chimes at Midnight was one of the Nic Logue adventures starring Viktor Saint-Demaine? I ran a Sharn COPS game at the tail end of 3rd edition and was setting up a three-act structure where I'd use those adventures as the capstone. But the game ground to a halt over scheduling, and we never finished act two, which was to be a takedown of the monstrous mafia Daask.

Hm, thanks for reminding me. I rather enjoyed rereading my storyhour about that one. http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?212096-The-Sharn-Inquisitive-archives

Those are some lovingly-rendered maps, by the way. You have a far steadier hand than me.

Are there any schemes, plots, or personal goals your PCs are getting into? When my playtest group finished adventure 2, during their downtime one PC (a warforged illusionist who inspired the Pemberton duplicant plot in adventure 6) wanted to become the new Mayor of the Nettles.


Correct, Chimes of Midnight was part of that Victor Saint-Demain. It simply has too much of the urban investigative flavour to leave out of a campaign like this. I'll certainly give your storyhour postings a good read too. No bad sources of inspiration for it for sure.

As far as the maps go, the players are happy to supply sheets of paper and markers for it. The hard part was really done by the cartographers and artists who worked on this. My wife sometimes likes to binge watch the most terrible shows inflicted on humanity (90 Day Fiance, Toddlers and Tiaras, etc), and working on drawing out the maps gives something... ANYTHING else to do. It's also a great use the skills built from many years in high school spent doing comic book drawings.

As for the team though, there's certainly been some changes to them in retrospect between the Prologue and the conclusion of Season 2.

Det. Goodwyne: Has been going through his own arc of firstly, managing to slowly overcome his compulsive stutter and introvertedness due to being thrust into leadership. At the same time, being called on by his team to make the harder decisions is starting to harden him a bit. During his downtimes, he's been focusing on researching history and the like, absolutely certain that the recent conspiracy problems probably have some kind of roots in some incident a while ago. His distrust of absolutely everyone not on the team has also been steadily growing, as he's more reluctant to trust anyone else with sensitive information. Totally convinced that the king is in on it somehow, he just needs to fit the pieces together.

Dr. Brinolt: Originally a simple family physician, he's starting to go full Frankenstein. He already had the tragic story of a family that died during fleeing across the border. However Season 2s prevalence of Witchoil and it's serious implications by its nature of just existing, he immediately started thinking about it's possible applications in creating life. Or at least, starting with some golem creation and if Witchoil can be used to entrap a soul as it leaves the body... can it be extracted again into another crafted vessel? His role as part of the team is an odd one, as his insights are highly valued by its clear he's becoming distracted by the possibility of new discoveries as more strange things are revealed.

Const. Oren: The existence of Witchoil and it's soul-trapping essence caused a ton of religious uncertainty in him. Originally he was focused on living "the way of the gun" as kind of a cocky sharpshooter, he's now becoming a more devout to Triegenes, finding the idea of a common man ascended because he needed to do "what must be done" very inspiring to the common man. And especially after getting to see some of the horrid working conditions many workers live in, he's been putting in a lot of legwork to try and create an early "union" to protect workers rights. To mixed results, due to a lot of pushback from wealthy groups who've been profiting off an industry threatening to advance faster than restrictive legislation can keep up with.

Const. Threm: Threm is simple. He's been perfectly content to gamble his requisition away, brawling in taverns, and otherwise just up for the adventure of it all. There's been many scenes wherein he gets reprimanded for terribly incomplete (or absent) paperwork.

Const. Awyr: The party ninja has been going through a small and subtle change. Due to his tragic past as a naval saboteur and slave, he's been very standoffish in the event people find out his real past. Kind of like the obligatory "Wolverine" of the group. However, early in his life he had a talent for Skyseeing even if that's not something that was put into a lot of practice due to life circumstances. Two major things shook him up in this past season. First, was meeting with Gale. Now, due to Cysgod being a plumekith Aasimar, he's also kind of had that "forever alone" aspect to him. I threw him a bone by changing Gale cosmetically to imply plumekith lineage as well. He wasn't vocal about it during the session, but this was enough to make Cysgod to feel like he has a legit heritage and possibly romantic interest once her name is cleared. The other change came from meeting with the famed Skyseer Nevard Sechim. As a kindly old man, Cysgod felt more comfortable opening up about his rudimentary training, and if that would help at all. So in the few days remaining of Nevard's life, he was kind of a father figure to the party ninja who since decided he kind of wants to take up the responsibility to honour him.

Dr. Basch: Originally he was happy to be a consultant to the RHC in helping to develop a methodology to get inside the mind of a killer (like a seriously faulty early version of criminal profiling), but seeing the extent of corruption and unusual behaviors triggered something in the good mesmerist, namely a whole lot of paranoia. While he normally could be found at an autopsy, or giving a lecture, almost his entire downtime is devoted to crafting an alternate identity occupying the apartment flat beneath him. Even going so far as to find a couple impoverished people, and paying them a regular fee to live there and pretend to be his "in laws". Absolutely certain that with two government officials dead related to their investigations, it's only a matter of time before someone comes to kill him for knowing too much. The only hindrance to this double identity, is that he has a dog named Othello which he doesn't want to give up, and already feels bad having to abandon him here and there during the establishment of this alter ego.

There hasn't particularly been any political motivations, and at this point the team are wary even of their fellow constabulary agents. There's widespread corruption happening in the halls of power, so they say, and joining the political scene or even advancing in ranks would only serve to put a bigger target on their heads. I'm sure it'll not be long before they're wearing tin-foil hats in an underground bunker at the rate they're going. It's a group of players that's always been very quick to extreme assumptions and this campaign has only been enabling that.


Okay. We're back at it.

After some really weird scheduling due to life being nonsense, we are into Season 3: Digging for Lies now. The season kicked off first with a B-Team one-off episode, with new characters played by the main party, adapting Chimes at Midnight so that the newly appointed task force would be put on the trail of disgruntled RHC officer Victor Saint-Demain.

Introducing, Task Force: Phil.

Detective Phil Olem (Human Bard {Detective}, Lawful Good) - Originally the local requisitions officer that the players would talk to, Phil would want to listen to the main team's stories of the bad guys they get to catch in kind of an odd hero worship manner. The players usually took the time to humour him, or give him bits of training in swordplay or how to cold read people. Eventually, he was given a promotion and command over a new misfit company. His attitude is very much like the front desk cat guy from Zootopia.

Christine Blackrose (Human Rogue {Burglar}, Neutral) - In a previous case-of-the-week episode, the lost daughter of the highly influential Blackrose family was rescued from abduction and reunited with her family after 18 years separated. Going from the criminal slums of Flint to the pristine manse of her family was a bit too much of a shock, so after a sizable donation to the RHC she was taken on as a recruit. Can she put her criminal past behind her and learn to trust in others?

Eugene Larl and Kenny Congreve {Human Brawler and Fighter {Thug}, Neutral Good) - Anytime the main team needed to call upon the local Bluecoats (police) for support in their investigations, these were often the two NPCs who were there. Larl has a history of gambling which is why his wife left him, so he has to work overtime to pay off the debts, while his best friend Kenny tries to keep him on the straight and narrow. After several times acting as backup for the main party, they were extended an invitation to try out for the RHC in order to make a real difference.

Jeremy McCrae (Human Ranger {Woodland Tracker} Lawful Neutral) - War veteran turned mercenary captain, McCrae encountered the party during a patrol of Axis Island many months ago. Having not realized the gravity of whose side of the conflict he took a contract for, in exchange for letting the PCs into the fort, he bargained for leniency in punishment, eventually Const. Oren sponsored him as a potential recruit to the Constabulary.

Nicole LeVane (Human Wizard, Neutral Good) - During the investigation to the MacBannin case, a couple of the party members thought it'd be best to socialize with the students to get their understanding of what exactly the mayor is up to. One NPC that especially stuck out was this bright eyed acolyte who had political ambitions. Other than a couple minor suspicious dealings, she had no idea what was happening on the hill. The PCs deliberately sought her out after the incident, feeling that her political career isn't over because she was associated with the secret witchoil refinery, offering her a role in the Constabulary for a time to do some good while building up a political base.

Together, they looked into the case of a missing silver basilisk statue, escaped criminals, and a disgrunted agent of the RHC turned rogue. Const. McCrae swallowed his pride that a seasoned veteran like him has to take orders from a 'detective' half his age, Consts Blackrose and LeVane argued constantly about public service values and what it means to have nothing vs born with a silver spoon. In the end, they caught their bad guy and a foundation of team work was created.

Diagram A: Showdown at the abandoned church

A major reason this was done as well, is that in reading ahead to the 5th chapter of the campaign, there's a lot that has to do with other team(s) of the agency. Having skimmed the forums, there was some differences of opinion as to whether that other team should be played out by the players or just kept as NPCs in the background. In the interest in building greater drama and gravitas, I took a handful of NPCs the players interacted with, made a dynamic team, and had them play it out. We'll be doing another case-of-the-week with this team at the start of Season 4 and 5 as well. Just enough to get the players attached and feeling proud of their accomplishments as role models... before having to play out the scene where the B-Team makes the heroic sacrifice for the main party to succeed. That'll make for an emotional trigger in the party, giving a very personal stake in their beef with the shadowy conspiracy they're only now getting a clearer picture of.

Will update again this week regarding how the Arms and Technology Expo went for the main party. Which so far has been their favorite thing.


So, after one other case-of-the-week in which the agents went temporarily rogue to rescue their loved ones from a long-standing adversary with a penchant for trap mansions, it was time for the task force to get back to work.


Fun fact! When drawing out maps that involve crowded areas such as houses or narrow dungeons, scaling the grid to 5ft = 1.25" gives A LOT of breathing room to have thick walls, some clutter, and still have room to comfortably place player pawns/miniatures. Especially in corners.

Their task was simple, and not glamorous. To provide security detail at the Kaybeau Armament and Technology Exposition. Sure, there are way more interesting cases out there.... someone is snatching brains, there's a stage-magician arsonist on the run out there, undercover work at the bachelorette party to a notable crime family member... it felt almost insulting to the party to be given basic guard work.

The wonder of the expo did captivate the everliving heck out of them in the end. From strange mechanical suits to unusual badger guns... the things that were considered possible delighted the party. They took the time to speak with a few interesting NPCs as well. Const. Threm was able to have a moment with the mysterious Benedict Pemberton, who thanked him for deeds done earlier that year upon the Coaltongue. According to the player, there was something unnerving about the brilliant man and his careful almost threatening southern drawl. As well, a couple of the others went out of their way to speak with the famous Rock Rackus. At first, fellow docker Const. Oren was excited to meet another docker! But was kind of dismayed when he found that Rock was a brash self-absorbed braggart, even if a talented one. The overall conclusion that the party gained from him, was "Let's see. Completely egotistical, little regard for other people, just kind of does things because it'd be exciting and favorite possession is his magic weapon? Yeah, Rock is definitely a player character in some other campaign in this world. There's no way he's not the standard adventurer stereotype somewhere else."

In addition, Cysgod the ninja detected that a woman was watching their actions. He attempted to engage in a stealth-off with her and capture this elusive lady, but she seemed to be one step ahead of him (part of the audit).

Then the screams came, and madness descended on the fair. Naturally with it being a gun show, there were other opportunists who wanted in the fray against the strange horrors which appeared. It was a bit of a mess. Dr. Basch, the mesmerist of the group, was able to detect an attempted assassination of Rock and placed the mysterious dwarf under a Hold Person spell. A misroll by Rock caused him to fire into the crowd, and the rest of the party expertly dispatched the strange alien creatures and apprehended the terrified suspect and his unusual golden staff. As they took people into custody, there was a lengthy discussion about the merits and role that magic has in this day and age. That a gun can misfire into a crowd, and someone may get wounded or die. Yet when magic goes awry, alien beasts suddenly start devouring people. After a lot of conjecture and debate whether magic still has it's place in a world where more reliable industry can do just as well, the investigation continued.

An interrogation with Rock Rackus turned only more frustrating for the party as he described things that could only have been made up, they were sure. The mysterious dwarf-assassin they encountered wasn't much help in the course of determining the source of the creatures origin. However, the mage-student who was freaked out about the staff he secretly bought.... that was a useful lead which the group latched onto. Knowing that some woman is selling off odd dangerous things, the group came up with the plan to send Const. Threm in dressed as a foppish troubadour looking for shiny things for his stage work while the rest of the party

The sting went about as well as someone could think. The exchange between fancy-pants Threm and the secret dealer was tense, until the rest of the party felt like they heard enough and went for the arrest.


The Kell goons were killed pretty quickly, but Kaja gave them a heck of a fight. Const. Oren tried his best to restrain his gunslinging ways, because of in the past high crit values has caused fatal head-shotting of suspects needed to be taken in alive for questioning. In the end, Kaja was knocked out by Cysgod's gratutious sneak attacking. With her in custody, the party didn't wait for her to wake up before taking the rest of the night off. Lots of time to question her in the morning after all!

Then the bad news came in. The prisoner is being transferred, on the orders of Chief Inspector Saxby. The session ended there (they'll still have 10 minutes to question her after calling in a favour next session), but the players continued to sit at the table for a good half an hour trying to figure out what had just happened.

Dr. Basch and Cysgod had already been meeting in secret (conversing via text between sessions), figuring that there is some kind of major government cover up or conspiracy afoot. But they just don't know who to trust. Their leader, Det. Goodwyne, insists that the party follows the law pretty strictly. However the situation is escalating and the two are beginning to discuss that if things happen and certain "outside the law" methods are needed, who can they trust? To this end, based on the righteous anger of Const. Oren at the prisoner transfer... they decided to let him in. Those three characters met back at the doctors estate, and began to go over the theories of what could be happening. Which means basically it'll be threeway texts between games and I have no idea what their speculation is... other than their absolute certainty that whatever is happening, they may not be able to trust their own superiors.

So that's where everything left off. Next game comes close to the end of July, so that gives lots of time to craft up a "bridges of light" puzzle.


Okay, so it's been a while since I updated this.

Long story short.... scheduling is a logistical nightmare given that most of the players are scattered across the southern Ontario region. Great people, but there's some distance involved which makes getting together difficult at times. However, we are nearing the end of Season 3 of this drama.

After the prior Cases of the Week, Season 3 finally got to the main adventures from the books. Y'all know the details of how the story goes down, here's some maps I drew out in a hurry because sometimes I get bored.

I don't trust that new player though. Seems.... cagey.


Overall though? The players are in agreement this is one of the best stories they've played through. It's not often they can stop being usual fantasy murderhobos and be trusted lawful agents, while at the same time not feeling like they're forced onto a railroad. I'll do an update on character arcs and how much has changed when Season 3 finally ends, but that'll likely be February. Regardless, they are absolutely gripped. Some other players from my other campaigns heard about it and there's talks about collaborating for a Youtube series playing of the series.

Anyone know anything about printing the maps at reasonable resolution? I changed jobs and now work for for a large college, and their print offices are right next to my area. If I have the option to print these out for around the same cost as sitting down with rulers and Sharpies and markers, I'd do that. Heck, if anyone else is running this series in my city, I'll gladly give you the stuff I'm drawing out so you don't have to. All for the arts.
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Okay, been a while, but typing this out strangely helps me get the details organized in my head. Good exercise. Haven't been able to because life is weird, however the campaign marches on.

Season 3 ended with a pretty good bang.

Underwater combat at the sunken seal was a party highlight. The party ninja stabbed a shark with knockout poison, earning the fear and respect of his own team.


As well, there was a three and a half hour party debate about keeping the Il Dracon de Mer... whether it is a ship or a boat... and what exactly the legality is of confiscating this ship in a place they technically should not be. Still chose to keep it, as they felt they needed a secret hide out. Somewhere they can openly discuss how far beyond the law they must go in order to preserve the law they serve.

The final session started off as a Mission: Impossible style kidnap heist. With all the information they need against their boss, they plotted and schemed exactly how to do a black bag operation on Saxby.

Much of the rest went as you'd expect the module would. I'll simply summarize the character arcs by this point.

Det. Goodwyne - Based on his findings, he thinks corruption in the government goes all the way to the top to the king himself. Started spending time on sending money to keep his family protected and moving them outside the city.

Mikkel - Given his disillusionment with the system, the docker gunslinger started clinging to the two other causes he believes strongly in. Attempting to start a workers union to protect the rights of factory employees, and doubling down on commitment to his faith in the Clergy. He's taking a particular liking to Morgan Cippiano and meets with him routinely for coffee and long talks about the ethics of what each other do. Mikkel is 100% convinced he's guiding Morgan through a redemption. In fact, after the capture of Finona Duvall... he's convinced he can 'redeem' her too. This player has taken probably the most liking to the NPCs who have shown up, and works hard to maintain connections with them, even as he slowly slides from simple outspoken man of the people into religious crusader.

Dr. Brinolt - The alchemist has started going down some interesting avenues. The discovery of a smashed golem became priority one for the aspiring golem maker, who called in some favours to have the golem moved to his private watertower laboratory. Early in the campaign, Dr Brinolt took on an adopted ward to train as an assistant. The course of the mission naturally took the good doctor away from this project, however young Sparky remained to continue the rebuilding as best as his little hands could. By the end of the season, Dr. Brinolt became host to Xambria. Before this, the team was growing concerned for the mental well-being of their tiefling colleague. He already carried the trauma of a tragic backstory where his family died in unfortunate events. His desperately seeking of any golem manuals on the open market with the intentions to rebuild his wife was the first sign that the constantly disheveled and drug addled alchemist was of questionable mental stability. Were it not for him being the best there is at potions, elixirs, and alchemical forensics, his presence there would come under scrutiny. Now he is host to a daring archaeologist.

Dr. Basch - The group psychologist is both thrilled and alarmed by these strange alien beings he's encountered this season. The fact that some kind of conspiracy is out there is becoming less of a priority to him, whereas weird thought based creatures of incomprehensible weirdness just beyond some flimsy prone-to-fail barriers seems like a thing more people should be concerned about. He wonders aloud to himself whether he's the only one smart enough to see the real threat behind reality and the others simply don't have brilliant mind necessary to comprehend the vastness of this danger. These fears are on hold for the time being, because the dual mind of Dr Brinolt and Xambria is too exciting of an opportunity to study. Will one consciousness dominate the other? Will they fuse together into a new identity? Such an exciting moment for science!

Cysgod - The ninja/Wolverine of the group, the recent betrayal from certain members of the agency has put the brooding loner in a difficult place, learning to trust in his team since everyone else seems to have other motives. His starting to change his build as he levels to find more non-lethal means of apprehending people (which in Pathfinder 1e, is surprisingly difficult). He also spent more than a few scenes in a game of cat and mouse chases with a mysterious woman who he seen monitoring in a variety of cover identities or from distant rooftops. Don't know what shocked him more, that the woman turned out to be of the same agency (Laryn Cyneburg), or that "Director of Infiltration" is an actual job/title.

Threm - The swashbuckler himself remains a simple person. He drinks, he fights, he enjoys that he has a job allowing him to do so. Doesn't matter who signs the cheques or who his team lead points him at.

Thus, the group ended season 3 more confused than ever, and especially suspicious of the monarch.

As for the audit, they received a conditional pass. Though the team was considered reckless, at and at times careless, they did prove themselves loyal and focused on the tasks. Like a group of loose cannons. Maybe they play by their own rules? Hard to define, but they can be trusted and were congratulated in a backwards manner as they were scolded by their superiors.

Long time no see.

Did you just finish Digging for Lies, or was this a synopsis of events from a few months ago? I hope the game's still fun and going strong.


Digging for Lies and Always on Time are done now, with Cauldron Born expected to start this upcoming weekend. It's been a heck of a ride, and we eventually had our first character fatality. As is tradition for many years, his character sheet was incinerated in our Kiln of the Fallen.




The mission was clear. Clues in a letter said there's an important conspiracy meeting in Vendricce, an its up to the intrepid PCs to infiltrate a train and find out who is talking to who to shed some lights on all this stuff.

Their plan? Assume a cover identity, get on the train, and use Finona Duvall as a defected agent loyal to the party who will identify any Obscurati agents by pretending to be a valuable recruit.

Well, like all plans it didn't quite go according to how they expected.

Careful time and consideration went into the crafting of their identities and oh boy were they excited to be spies.

Det. Goodwyne became "Hank Prospane, and I sell steam and steam accessories". Purpose being there was he's on his way to make a big sale.

Cycgod the ninja became "Skeekabaw, flamenco dance instructor to the noble houses of Lanjyr".

Dr. Basch and Mikkel took upon the identity of "Lord Julian Mirari and his appointed duelist"

The name of Dr. Brinolt escapes me, but the cover was "celebrity chef". He was also having some internal arguments with the consciousness of Xambria in his head and hating the idea of having anything to do with this Ob pawn who killed her dig team.

Threm was comfortable enough being a generic passenger in coach class, just in case conspiracy agents are hiding there.

As for the Ms. Duvall factor... there was no back up plan other than trusting her to connect with the Ob and report back to the gang. There were mission briefing scenes in which they pitched all kinds of offers to ensure her loyalty, including protection or even recruitment to the RHC. She clearly expressed

"Protection right? Where? Here? How'd that work for that mayor that died in holding a few months ago? In the building that just got attacked and a bunch of other people died?"

"So, you're saying that my employers are a massive international secret conspiracy, occupy some of the higher levels of government, with a ludicrous amount of wealth, probably have other hired hit squads to clean up loose ends... and you want me to rat on them? No thanks, I'm good. If anything, I should be asking
them for protection from you people."

Despite her declarations of non-compliance, the group was so absolutely sure that she would have a change of heart when thrust into the situation that they simply gagged and manacled her for the ship voyage to Beaumont.

How well did this plan go?

Well, naturally Ms. Duvall ends up dead in a room. Rest of the session turns into a murder mystery.

Mystery gets solved quickly when Chef Brinolt brings up in a secret discussion with the group "So.... uhhh... there are some gaps in my memory and I'm pretty sure the archaeologist in my head did it."

Having to deal with Finona's body on the train, and that reliance on her cooperation was pretty much their only plan, becomes a constant stressful element to the group for the rest of the season.



So first stop is Cherage, and rather than doing anything related to their task... a bigger crisis came up in the form of the dual-minded alchemist and the body left aboard. While the original intention was to tail a couple suspicious characters, everyone decided that can wait. Using copious disguise kits, the body of Finona was done up to make her seem less "dead" and more "passed out drunk". She was taken off the train, rushed to a hotel, put to bed, and the team had a meeting at a coffee house to discuss exactly what the heck to do.

The original proposed contingency was to take Dr Teko out back the hotel and Old Yeller him for becoming a massive liability. Then they got a better plan.

As a Promethean Alchemist, Dr Teko has a medium size homunculus in capable of speech that he fashioned to look like his deceased wife. Dr Basch had the idea to costume her up to look like Ms Duvall and try to reconnect with any Obscurati agents, while the others work to conceal the actual body somewhere.

Team Hide-The-Body went out and bought the biggest travel trunk they could, made of exotic triceratops hide. Stuffed Finona's body in there, and Mikkel got a great idea.

"Okay, so magic works really strangely in the Malice Lands, right? Here's what we do. We bring her back onto the train, wait for it to get into the wild magic zone... and just start shoving potions down her throat. It's desperate, but there's a chance magic will get weird enough it'll bring her back to life" proclaims Mikkel excitedly.

Det. Goodwyne has a rebuttal however.

"Now, let's imagine that this plan isn't dumb as hell and it works... what do we hope to get from this? She's not going to help us since we forced her into this plan and also are responsible for her death."

"Because we made a promise! Well, I made a promise. I promised she would be safe, we could pull her out of this life of crime if she helped us. She doesn't deserve this. If the potion plan doesn't work, I'm sure we'll come to some city where I'll pay whatever it takes to some priest to bring her back"
is the only defense that Mikkel has.

"Just don't let your morals get in the way of the mission. We can't save everyone, and we have a bigger job to do."

So, there's a bit of a moral divide coming between the lawful neutral team leader and the neutral good gunslinger. It'll get more prominent as the ride continues on.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team were on robot-wife watch duty. Having seen Finona Duvall speaking to a couple interesting passengers on the train, the team put robot-wife out at the nearest hotel in the hopes she would be approached. There was some talk about whether or not this was a form of prostitution, but eventually the lure paid out as Verzubak approached her buying the disguise, saying that he considered her offer... and that RHC agents on the train is troubling news, and that she can be given protection if she points out the officers that are putting her up to this.

The agents on watch immediately expressed a sigh of "yeah, we should have seen that coming" and got thinking about how to dodge this.

All the agents decided from this point on to go their separate ways to avoid suspicion of being too closely associated.Most of them decided just to drink a lot and go back to their hotel rooms.... their exhaustion broken for a moment from shock as an oily man in a robe runs past them all and gets away.

Dr Basch: "You know what, we all knew this was going to be one of THOSE missions. Let's just go to bed. Plenty enough time for weird stuff tomorrow."

Level Up!

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