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WOIN Defense calculation (OLD v1.2)

Hi all,

Trying to work out how the Defense score is calculated. On p66 (OLD v1.2), it looks pretty clear:
"Having formed your Defense dice pools, consult the Static Defense Scores table below to determine the corresponding static score. This is an average roll of the dice pool—the size of the dice pool multiplied by 3.5, rounded up..." and indeed, the table at the bottom of that page reflects that.

However, on the next page (p67) it says:
"If the final score is less than 10, increase it to 10. Your Defense score is capped by your maximum dice pool. Multiply your maximum dice pool by 4; your Defense scores cannot exceed this number."

Now, I understand here it's talking about a cap on the Defense score, rather than how it is calculated, but having read the pinned thread on dice pool caps and also this thread regarding Defense CAP , which seems to imply the defense score is calculated as 4 x Dice Pool, I'm a bit confused.

So, is it:
1. Calculate defense score as per p66. i.e. Dice Pool x 3.5 rounded up. Defense score cap does not use the rules in the pinned thread, but uses the rule on p67 - cap is Maximum Dice Pool x 4 (after all size & talent mods)
2. Calculate defense score as per p66. i.e. Dice Pool x 3.5 rounded up. Use guide on pinned thread to determine Defense score cap - in same way as for any other cap. i.e. Dice pool is capped by Maximum Dice Pool (Attribute, Skill, Weapon Quality), multiply that by 3.5, then add mods for size & talents. Ignore the section on p67.
3. p66 is incorrect. As noted on p67, use Dice Pool x 4 to determine Defense Score. Then use pinned thread to determine cap as per option 2 above.


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Just a tourist passing your way...
There are two caps; the first one - mentioned on pg66 and that pinned thread - caps your base defense, built from attribute + skill + gear. The second cap, MDP x 4, caps defenses including every modifier you can get, be it exploits, special items and so on.

As far as I know flat bonuses from equipment (helmes, shield, defense weapons) are not considered part of the GEAR part applied before the first cap.

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