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WOIN Defenses and increases to them in v1.2 errata


I've hit upon a snag without being able to find the answer.
There are places in the core books where an exploit will refer to "+1 to all three Defense" or "+1 Defense and Mental Defense".
I assume this is from before the change over to Melee, Ranged, Mental and Vital defense. HOWEVER I do not understand how to read and correct them to the 4 Defense system.
Please advise


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"+1 to all three Defense" should be "+1 to all four Defense". Vital Defense was added after the other three.

I'm not sure about "+1 Defense". Looking at some places where it occurs, it looks to me like it can mean either melee & ranged defense, or all defenses, depending on the context.


+1 Defense is shorthand for both Melee and Ranged Defenses. Mental and Vital Defenses are generally mentioned individually.


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Early on there were two - DEFENSE, and MENTAL DEFENSE. Then there were three - MELEE, RANGED, and MENTAL, and so it meant MELEE and RANGED. Now there are four, but it still means MELEE and RANGED. It's a little historical remnant which could probably be done away with.


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Hmm... So a "shielding" spell (O.L.D. chapter V, under "Abjure") only affects melee & ranged defenses? Is there a similar way for a character to buff mental & vital defenses?