Planescape Definitive Planescape adventure

I am reading through Fortune's Wheel right now. It has good bones, but there are some story elements that kinda don't make much sense. I am genuinely tempted to start an "Enhancing Fortune's Wheel" thread to see if we can develop a better premise/story...I really enjoyed some of the earlier threads that did that for some of the other WoTC adventures.

The first few chapters are extremely bare-bones and will require a bit of enhancing by the DM, but once you reach the Outlands, the adventure really opens up and has some cool ideas.

As to older modules, I will echo everyone and mention "The Eternal Boundary." Cool story that deals with some interesting philosophical questions that are central to Planescape.

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I DMed a 5e campaign which was a mix of Well of Worlds, Modron March, and Dead Gods, with a couple more modules thrown in the mix, and it was a great success!


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