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Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

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Blades in the Dark Game:

Inkrakes story exposes Crew? Vetoed (Ulf's ghost!? - if I can cheat and get 7)!

Dungeon World Game:

Converted Spirit-speaker, Ankhegopillar, anthropomorphized tarpit (lovable croc - if I can cheat and get 7).


Solo Role Playing
I'm not the GM. Yeah!


So far in today's session we have: "Situation much worse than expected"

We have a civil war, my character's main branch of the family on the wrong side* and against traditions, and they had sent the assassins that killed my brother as he was a threat. My immedeate family was located far away from the capitol.

* A large realm, size of China with 5 provinces. 4 of thouse take turns to be the emperor on the central throne that governs the whole realm during 5 years. The imperial family from my province was to have been on the throne for the past season, but never sent anyone as they had infighting. They now want to have the next season as well (and forever). My family supports the imperial family. The oher provinces can not accept that the rotating tradition is broken, so the civil war will spread all over the realm and not just the province...
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