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Desert of Desolation series - individual modules or mega-adventure


I have heard a lot of good things about these adventures, but never got the chance to play/run them. Now my FLGS has parts 2 and 3 of the individual modules for $5 a piece. They also have the mega-adventure for $30. Which version is better? Is there anything extra in the mega adventure that is cool? Just wondering which might be the better way to go. In case it matters, I am thinking about using these with Castles & Crusades, which I have recently picked up and am being won over by.

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Go for the 30$ package. I think they added quite a bit. It's 2ed, but there's a conversion online. It's one of the best modules ever written in my opinion.


You can also pick up the pdf versions for less at either the ENWorld store (RPGNow) or Paizo.com. I purchased the 2nd ed and it looks great.


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These adventures are a blast. I ran the first one using AD&D as part of a Back to Old School period in my game group.

They are fun just for the freaky dungeons. See if you can find the eternally-falling mummy.


My preference is for the three individual modules, but this is only because its the way I first experienced them. The mega-module collection probably has more information and more smoothly connects the peices, but to be honest I'm not really familiar with the contents.

(BTW, check out my conversion of the first module, Pyramid, in the classic conversions section.)

If you want advice on running them, I'm just the arrogant person to give tips.


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Either way is ok... if it was me, I would go for the $30 package, as the little map booklet is a great addition. Amun-Ra rules.


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Agreed with Merric. The connector/filler material is kind of odd in places and pretty lame in others.