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Dice Questions?

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First Post
Kevin Cook said:
OT: Any idea why my signature is only displayed on my first post? ... the <Show your signature> box is checked :D
So far as I know this has always happened this way.

Each page of a thread will only display your signature in your first post to that page. After that first post however it leaves the signature off. On page two your sig will appear again in your first post of that page.

PS- Congrats on your record. Is this an obsession or just something that started for fun?


Kevin Cook said:
Use model glue and make a dice sculpture? :)

are you crazy???

why would i ever do that to my dice?

dice are meant to be rolled, used, put on a pedestal, admired, fondled...

i'm playing with my dice right now. IYKWIMAITYD.

diaglo "has at least as many dice" Ooi

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