Kickstarter Diviniti X Deluxe Hardcover Edition Kickstarter has launched!

Diviniti X Deluxe Edition Kickstarter has launched!

The Book Includes (Straight from the Kickstarter)
  • Full rules featuring the Diviniti X Powered by the Apocalypse, Enhanced by Diviniti system, setting info describing the world of Diviniti X and the presence of super-powered individuals and how they affect the world around them as well as MC guidelines and advice.
  • 40+ super-powers, each with a variety of sub-abilities, extras and more.
  • Optional rules for players' characters, including rules for playing non-powered, exceptional characters and creating and playing mutants and villains.
  • Expanded setting information on three major hotbeds of Diviniti activity - San Jose, Dallas and Detroit as well as additional information on several other cities in the game world.
  • An MC Toolbox chapter filled with ways to introduce comic book tropes such as alternate dimensions, super-prisons, and more into your Diviniti X game and a wide variety of NPCs, both super-powered and not.

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