5E Diwata Playable Race

I just celebrated my birthday, and the day before that released my first supplement on DM's Guild. I'm not sure which one I'm happier about, and I've gotten nothing but positive feedback so far.

By the way, I'm new to this site, but I wanted to see if anyone was interested in checking it out and maybe talking about it. It's PWYW, so it'll be easy to sink your teeth into whether you have a spare coin or not. Let me know what you think!

I also put up an intro video over on YouTube. I also have a longer video on my channel that serves as an extensive player hook and DM primer to help get players interested and DMs ready to incorporate them into their worlds.

Anyway, I'd love to chat with you guys about it, and if you like it maybe build some interest in my future projects.

Thanks for coming! :D
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Mechanically they're super unique because they have a primary race, and 5 'Natures' they can choose to take on which are kind of like swapable subraces. This is kind of like switching seasons with the Eladrin Elves, but more focused, and it takes two long rests to fully switch for balancing reasons. They can also lose their minds with divine wrath at times, transforming into a special 6th Nature that comes in two flavors. Describing that one too briefly may not do it justice, and kind of has to be read directly to understand why, and how, and such. But basically it comes in two flavors: rage against an enemy that killed one of your buddies, or rage against your buddies because you lost your mind (Similar to the Berserker Axe in the DMG). This 6th nature is also made modular in case it doesn't fit all tables.

In a nut shell it's a race of beings descended from a mysterious celestial entity. Each of them holds a seed in their chest which grows into a tree when they die. These trees give birth to more of them by growing their children within fruits. They're raised in a dreamscape within the tree and fruits by the spirits of their dead parents and ancestors until they reach adulthood and emerge from the fruit. They don't know what or who the celestial entity was, or why it left the celestial plane, but they have many conflicting theories based on an inherited memory of it.

They come out as a very versatile race that are otherwise well balanced, and fairly original in design. Many of their features have to do with interacting with latent magical energies, or communing with their ancestors. Their bodies and minds transform when they take on one of their Natures to facilitate these features. Each nature serves to place an individual so that it fills a role within their society, and when they change places in society they change their nature to suit them.

That's still pretty long, but it's a pretty good summary.

By the way, I love the profile name. Personally the 9th doctor has always been my favorite, but I like them all barely a hair less, so picking a favorite is kind of pointless for me. lol
Hey, I just made a new, much more bite sized intro video to the race if you're interested:

I'm also going to edit the thread's original post to have this new one instead. I'm keeping the long one online, but it's the "In-Depth or Comprehensive" version on my channel now.