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D&D General DM Help! Temple of Elemental Evil


Hey guys! I'm getting ready to run the Temple of Elemental Evil AD&D version with my table. Looking for advice for running Temple Dungeon 1. I want to drive home what has happened on that level to prepare them for DL2.


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I might have a few prisoners from the lower level that the earth people have. They could be questioned and tell something or just by having them could mean that that the other groups are not all allies with each other.

Distracted DM

Distracted DM
Oh boy... I was running this in 5e using the Goodman Games version- by the time my players got to the temple, and got down to the first level.. after they'd done most of the first level they basically said "screw this" and left. We started a different adventure with those characters.

The best advice I can give is you know all those inter-cult faction politics that happen further down? Introduce them way sooner than the module suggests.


Moderator Emeritus
I am running a highly adapted version of ToEE currently (the party is nearly 4th level and hasn’t even visited the Moathouse yet!) but I have had them run into groups of different elemental cultists making pilgrimages from distant places to get the sense of their competing and the wide ranging influence.

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