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I am playing the 5th season AL adventures, but with slight home-brew modifications. I started the group out at 1st level and ran through all of the Tier one Adventures available except DDAL05-12 Bad Business in Parnast. My group is bored with role-playing centric adventures and the xp for this one is lame. They have almost hit 5th level, but when I go back to the first of the second Tier adventures, it calls for 5 7th level characters.

I looked on the DMsGuild for Second Tier Adventures and they are all 7th level and above - I guess I could run them downsizing for their level. I am considering running Cloud Giant's Bargain next, but I would like to just chuck season 5 AL adventures and try some of the other offerings on DMs Guild or maybe other sources. I am seeking recommendations for good 2nd Tier adventures. What have you enjoyed running as canned adventures? I don't really have time to do a lot of editing or building right now, so any help would be appreciated.

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