D&D General DMs Guild and DriveThruRPG ban AI written works, requires labels for AI generated art

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LOL. Yes, that is clickbait.
Nature. Clickbait. That's an unusual take.

Here's the TLDR: "Nature is currently ranked 12 out of 27955 Journals, Conferences, and Book Series in the latest ranking. Over the course of the last 9 years, this journal has experienced varying rankings, reaching its highest position of 12 in 2022 and its lowest position of 33 in 2019."


As long as i get to be the frog
Nature. Clickbait.

The headline is. And in the actual article body it isn't even an accurate claim.


As long as i get to be the frog
I'm saying that saying people that don't agree with you fell for clickbait without doing anything to debunk the listed sources is not a sign of arguing in good faith. You can amend this mistake by actually arguing against our points, not just accusing things of being clickbait (or people of falling for it).
Serious question - what sources were listed before me doing that?


As long as i get to be the frog

This video is a simplified explanation of how machine learning the process used to "teach" large language models, AI image generators, and other "AI". The Youtuber always does months of research into a topic before publishing a video, and has even made a video apologizing for a very minor mistake he made in one of his videos. I have never seen anything to suggest that they aren't a reliable source on this subject.
1. I may be wrong, but as far as i can tell that wasn't posted prior.
2. What point in the video do you think I disagree with so I know what the heck I'm listening for?

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