D&D General DMs Guild Classics POD & PDF Wishlist


www.dmsguild.com serves up new classic PDFs about once a week but there are still some gaps in their catalog. They have also been slowly adding POD options to their existing titles. So, I have decided to create a list and keep track of what we haven't seen yet in POD and PDF.

Products in italics are also not available in PDF, yet.


Dungeons & Dragons 3-Volume Set
Supplement I: Greyhawk
Supplement II: Blackmoor


AC2: Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure
AC3: 3-D Dragon Tiles featuring The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina
AC4: The Book of Marvelous Magic
AC5: Player Character Record Sheets
AC6: Player Character Record Sheets
AC7: Master Player Screen
AC8: AC8: 3-D Dragon Tiles featuring The Revenge of Rusak
AC9: Creature Catalogue
AC1010: Poor Wizard's Almanac & Book of Facts
B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
B4: The Lost City
B5: Horror on the Hill
B6: The Veiled Society
B8: Journey to the Rock
BSOLO: Ghost of Lion Castle
Champions of Mystara: Heroes of the Princess Ark
The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game
CM5: Mystery of the Snow Pearls
CM6: Where Chaos Reigns
DDA1: Arena of Thyatis
DDA2: Legions of Thyatis
DDA3: Eye of Traldar
DDA4: The Dymrak Dread
DMR1: Dungeon Master Screen
DMR2: Creature Catalog
The Dragon's Den
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (1977)
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (1981)
Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set (1981)
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (1983)
Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set (1983)
Dungeons & Dragons Companion Set
Dungeons & Dragons Master Set
Dungeons & Dragons Immortal Set
The Goblin's Lair
The Haunted Tower
IM1: The Immortal Storm
IM3: The Best of Intentions
The Jade Hare
M1 (MSOLO): Blizzard Pass
M2: Vengeance of Alphaks
The New Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons Game (1991 "Black Box" basic set)
O1: The Gem and the Staff
PC1: Tall Tales of the Wee Folk
PC2: Top Ballista
PC4: Night Howlers
RPGA1: Rahasia
RPGA2: Black Opal Eye
Wrath of the Immortals
X1: The Isle of Dread
X3: Curse of Xanathon
XSOLO1: Lathan's Gold
(Hollow World) HWA1: Nightwail
(Hollow World) HWA2: Nightrage
(Hollow World) HWQ1: The Milenian Scepter
(Hollow World) HWR1: Sons of Azca
(Hollow World) HWR3: The Milenian Empire
(Thunder Rift) Character and Monster Assortment
(Thunder Rift) In the Phantom's Wake
(Thunder Rift) The Knight of Newts
(Thunder Rift) Quest for the Silver Sword
(Thunder Rift) Rage of the Rakasta
(Thunder Rift) Sword and Shield
(Thunder Rift) Thunder Rift


A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity
A2: Secrets of the Slavers Stockade
A3: Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords
A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords
A1-4: Scourge of the Slavelords
Battlesystem Boxed Set

C6: The Official RPGA Tournament Handbook
D1: Descent into the Depths of the Earth
Deities & Demigods
DQ1: The Shattered Statue
Dungeon Master's Design Kit
Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
EX2: The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror
G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
G2: The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
G3: Hall of the Fire Giant King
GDQ1-7: Queen of the Spiders
H3: The Bloodstone Wars

I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City
I3: Pharoah
I4: Oasis of the White Palm
I5: Lost Tomb of Martek
I8: Ravager of Time
I13: Adventure Pack I
I3-5: Desert of Desolation
L2: The Assassin's Knot
Legends & Lore
Manual of the Planes
Monster Manual II
MV1: Midnight on Dagger Alley
OA1: Swords of the Daimyo
OA2: Night of the Seven Swords
OA3: Ochimo the Spirit Warrior
OA4: Blood of the Yakuza
Oriental Adventures
R1: To the Aid of Falx
R2: The Investigation of Hydell
R3: The Egg of the Phoenix
R4: Doc's Island
REF3: The Book of Lairs
REF4: The Book of Lairs II
The Rogues Gallery
RPGA3: The Forgotten King
RPGA4: The Elixir of Life
S1: Tomb of Horrors
S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
S1-4: Realms of Horror
T1: The Village of Hommlet
U3: The Final Enemy
Wilderness Survival Guide
(Dragonlance) Atlas of the Dragonlance World
(Dragonlance) DL2: Dragons of Flame
(Dragonlance) DL3: Dragons of Hope
(Dragonlance) DL4: Dragons of Desolation
(Dragonlance) DL5: Dragons of Mystery
(Dragonlance) DL7: Dragons of Light
(Dragonlance) DL9: Dragons of Deceit
(Dragonlance) DL10: Dragons of Dreams
(Dragonlance) DL11: Dragons of Glory
(Dragonlance) DL12: Dragons of Faith
(Dragonlance) DL16: World of Krynn
(Dragonlance) Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
(Forgotten Realms) Forgotten Realms Campaign Set
(Forgotten Realms) FR1: Waterdeep and the North
(Forgotten Realms) FR2: Moonshae
(Forgotten Realms) FR3: Empires of the Sands
(Forgotten Realms) FR4: The Magister
(Forgotten Realms) FRC1: Ruins of Adventure
(Forgotten Realms) Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms
(Forgotten Realms) REF5: Lords of Darkness
(Greyhawk) Greyhawk Adventures
(Greyhawk) WG4: The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
(Greyhawk) WG6: Isle of the Ape
(Greyhawk) World of Greyhawk (Folio)
(Greyhawk) World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting


A Hero's Tale
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Starter Set
Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
Bastion of Faith
Battlesystem Miniatures Rules
Battlesystem Skirmishes
Castle Sites
College of Wizardry
Council of Wyrms
Dark & Hidden Ways (originally bundled with Dungeoneer's Survival Guide)
Destiny of Kings
DMGR1: Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide
DMGR2: The Castle Guide
DMGR3: Arms and Equipment Guide
DMGR5: Creative Campaigning
DMGR6: The Complete Book of Villains
DMGR7: The Complete Book of Necromancers
DMGR9: Of Ships and the Sea
Dungeon Builder's Guidebook
Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaigns
Dungeon Master Screen & Master Index
Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game
Dungeons of Despair
Encyclopedia Magica Volume I
Encyclopedia Magica Volume II
Encyclopedia Magica Volume III
Encyclopedia Magica Volume IV
GA1: The Murky Deep
GA3: Tales of Enchantment
GR1: Strongholds
GR2: Dungeons of Mystery
GR3: Treasure Maps

HHQ1: Fighter's Challenge
HHQ2: Wizard's Challenge
HHQ3: Thief's Challenge
HHQ4: Cleric's Challenge
HHQ5: Fighter's Challenge II
HHQ6: Wizard's Challenge II
HHQ7: Thief's Challenge II
HHQ8: Cleric's Challenge II
HR1: Vikings Campaign Sourcebook
HR2: Charlemagne's Paladins Campaign Sourcebook
HR3: Celts Campaign Sourcebook
HR4: A Mighty Fortress Campaign Sourcebook
HR5: The Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook
HR6: Age of Heroes Campaign Sourcebook
HR7: The Crusades Campaign Sourcebook
Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Games
Jakandor: Island of War
Jakandor: Isle of Destiny
Labyrinth of Madness
Legends & Lore
The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur
The Magic Encyclopedia Volume I
The Magic Encyclopedia Volume II
MC1: Monstrous Compendium Volume One
MC2: Monstrous Compendium Volume Two
MC8: Monstrous Compendium Outer Planes Appendix
MC14: Monstrous Compendium Fiend Folio Appendix
Monstrous Arcana: I, Tyrant
Monstrous Arcana: Eye to Eye (I, Tyrant Adventure Trilogy 3)
Monstrous Arcana: The Illithiad
Monstrous Arcana: A Darkness Gathering (Illithiad Adventure Trilogy 1)
Monstrous Arcana: The Sea Devils
Monstrous Arcana: Evil Tide (The Sea Devils Adventure Trilogy 1)
Monstrous Arcana: Night of the Shark (The Sea Devils Adventure Trilogy 2)
Monstrous Arcana: Sea of Blood (The Sea Devils Adventure Trilogy 3)
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four
PHBR1: The Complete Fighter's Handbook
PHBR2: The Complete Thief's Handbook
PHBR3: The Complete Priest's Handbook
PHBR4: The Complete Wizard's Handbook
PHBR5: The Complete Psionics Handbook
PHBR6: The Complete Book of Dwarves
PHBR7: The Complete Bard's Handbook
PHBR8: The Complete Book of Elves
PHBR9: The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings
PHBR10: The Complete Book of Humanoids
PHBR11: The Complete Ranger's Handbook
PHBR12: The Complete Paladin's Handbook
PHBR13: The Complete Druid's Handbook
PHBR14: The Complete Barbarian's Handbook
PHBR15: The Complete Ninja's Handbook
Player's Option: Combat & Tactics
Player's Option: Skills & Powers
Player's Option: Spells & Magic
Priest's Spell Compendium Volume One
Priest's Spell Compendium Volume Two
Priest's Spell Compendium Volume Three
REF6: Rogues Gallery
Reverse Dungeon
Road to Danger
The Star of Kolhapur
Tale of the Comet
Treasure Chest
Treasure Tales

Tome of Magic
TSR Jam 1999
Wand of Archeal
Warriors of Heaven
Wild Things (originally bundled with Wilderness Survival Guide)
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume One
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Two
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Three
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four
World Builder's Guidebook
(Al-Qadim) Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures
(Al-Qadim) ALQ1: Golden Voyages
(Al-Qadim) ALQ2: Assassin Mountain
(Al-Qadim) ALQ4: Secrets of the Lamp
(Al-Qadim) Caravans
(Al-Qadim) The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook
(Al-Qadim) Corsairs of the Great Sea
(Al-Qadim) Land of Fate
(Al-Qadim) MC13: Monstrous Compendium Al-Qadim Appendix
(Al-Qadim) Reunion
(Birthright) Birthright Campaign Setting
(Birthright) Blood Spawn
(Birthright) The Book of Magecraft
(Birthright) The Book of Priestcraft
(Birthright) The Book of Regency
(Birthright) Cities of the Sun
(Birthright) Havens of the Great Bay
(Birthright) King of the Giantdowns
(Birthright) Naval Battle Rules: The Seas of Cerilia
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Ariya
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Baruk-Akhik
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Binsada
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Endier
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Halskapa
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Hogunmark
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Ilien
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Khourane
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Medoere
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Muden
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Roesone
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Stjordvick
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Talinie
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Tuarhievel
(Birthright) Player's Secrets of Tuornen
(Birthright) The Rjurik Highlands
(Birthright) Sword and Crown
(Birthright) The Sword of Roele
(Birthright) Tribes of the Heartless Waste
(Dark Sun) City by the Silt Sea
(Dark Sun) Dark Sun Campaign Setting (Expanded and Revised Edition)
(Dark Sun) Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Terrors Beyond Tyr
(Dark Sun) Defilers and Preservers: The Wizards of Athas
(Dark Sun) DS1: Freedom
(Dark Sun) DSE1: Dragon's Crown
(Dark Sun) DSE2: Black Spine
(Dark Sun) DSM2: Merchant House of Amketch
(Dark Sun) DSM3: Marauders of Nibenay
(Dark Sun) DSQ1: Road to Urik
(Dark Sun) DSQ2: Arcane Shadows
(Dark Sun) DSQ3: Asticlian Gambit
(Dark Sun) DSR1: Slave Tribes
(Dark Sun) DSR2: Dune Trader
(Dark Sun) DSR3: Veiled Alliance
(Dark Sun) DSR4: Valley of Dust and Fire
(Dark Sun) DSS1: City-State of Tyr
(Dark Sun) DSS2: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
(Dark Sun) DSS3: Elves of Athas
(Dark Sun) The Ivory Triangle
(Dark Sun) MC12: Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix
(Dark Sun) Mind Lords of the Last Sea
(Dark Sun) Psionic Artifacts of Athas
(Dark Sun) Thri-Kreen of Athas
(Dark Sun) Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
(Dragonlance) DLR2: Taladas: The Minotaurs
(Dragonlance) Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition
(Dragonlance) Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn
(Dragonlance) MC4: Monstrous Compendium Dragonlance Appendix
(Dragonlance) PG1: Player's Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign
(Dragonlance) The Sylvan Veil
(Dragonlance) Tales of the Lance
(Dragonlance) Time of the Dragon
(Forgotten Realms) The Accursed Tower
(Forgotten Realms) Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue
(Forgotten Realms) The City of Ravens Bluff
(Forgotten Realms) City of Splendors
(Forgotten Realms) Cloak & Dagger
(Forgotten Realms) Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves
(Forgotten Realms) Cormyr
(Forgotten Realms) Demihuman Deities
(Forgotten Realms) Demihumans of the Realms
(Forgotten Realms) Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark
(Forgotten Realms) The Dungeon of Death
(Forgotten Realms) Elminster's Ecologies Appendix I
(Forgotten Realms) Elminster's Ecologies Appendix II
(Forgotten Realms) Empires of the Shining Sea
(Forgotten Realms) FA1: Halls of the High King
(Forgotten Realms) Faiths & Avatars
(Forgotten Realms) The Fall of Myth Drannor
(Forgotten Realms) FOR3: Pirates of the Fallen Stars
(Forgotten Realms) Forgotten Realms Adventures
(Forgotten Realms) The Forgotten Realms Atlas
(Forgotten Realms) Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Revised)
(Forgotten Realms) FR9: The Bloodstone Lands
(Forgotten Realms) FR10: Old Empires
(Forgotten Realms) FR11: Dwarves Deep
(Forgotten Realms) FR12: Horde Campaign
(Forgotten Realms) FR13: Anauroch
(Forgotten Realms) FRA1: Storm Riders
(Forgotten Realms) FRA2: Black Courser
(Forgotten Realms) FRA3: Blood Charge
(Forgotten Realms) FRC2: Curse of the Azure Bonds
(Forgotten Realms) FRE1: Shadowdale
(Forgotten Realms) FRE2: Tantras
(Forgotten Realms) FRE3: Waterdeep
(Forgotten Realms) FRM1: The Jungles of Chult
(Forgotten Realms) FRQ1: Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
(Forgotten Realms) FRQ3: Doom of Daggerdale
(Forgotten Realms) FRS1: The Dalelands
(Forgotten Realms) Heroes' Lorebook
(Forgotten realms) The Horde
(Forgotten Realms) Kidnapped
(Forgotten Realms) Lands of Intrigue
(Forgotten Realms) LC1: Gateway to Ravens Bluff: The Living City
(Forgotten Realms) Maztica
(Forgotten Realms) MC3: Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix
(Forgotten Realms) MC6: Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur Appendix
(Forgotten Realms) MC11: Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix
(Forgotten Realms) Menzoberranzan
(Forgotten Realms) The Moonsea
(Forgotten Realms) Netheril: Empire of Magic
(Forgotten Realms) The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier
(Forgotten Realms) OA6: Ronin Challenge
(Forgotten Realms) OA7: Test of the Samurai
(Forgotten Realms) Pages from the Mages
(Forgotten Realms) PG2: Player's Guide to the Forgotten Realms Campaign
(Forgotten Realms) Randal Morn Trilogy 1: The Sword of the Dales
(Forgotten Realms) Randal Morn Trilogy 2: The Secret of Spiderhaunt
(Forgotten Realms) Randal Morn Trilogy 3: The Return of Randal Morn
(Forgotten Realms) The Ruins of Undermountain
(Forgotten Realms) Sea of Fallen Stars
(Forgotten Realms) Secrets of the Magister
(Forgotten Realms) Spellbound
(Forgotten Realms) Undermountain: The Lost Level
(Forgotten Realms) Undermountain: Stardock
(Forgotten Realms) The Vilhon Reach
(Forgotten Realms) Volo's Guide to All Things Magical
(Forgotten Realms) Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
(Forgotten Realms) Volo's Guide to the North
(Forgotten Realms) Warriors and Priests of the Realms
(Forgotten Realms) Wizards and Rogues of the Realms
(Forgotten Realms) Wyrmskull Throne
(Greyhawk) Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad
(Greyhawk) The Doomgrinder
(Greyhawk) From the Ashes
(Greyhawk) Greyhawk Player's Guide
(Grehyawk) Greyhawk Wars
(Greyhawk) Ivid the Undying
(Greyhawk) MC5: Monstrous Compendium Greyhawk Appendix
(Greyhawk) Return of the Eight
(Greyhawk) Slavers
(Greyhawk) The Star Cairns
(Greyhawk) WG8: Fate of Istus
(Greyhawk) WG9: Gargoyle
(Greyhawk) WG10: Child's Play
(Greyhawk) WGA1: Falcon's Revenge
(Greyhawk) WGA3: Flames of the Falcon
(Greyhawk) WGQ1: Patriots of Ulek
(Greyhawk) WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins
(Greyhawk) WGR3: Rary the Traitor
(Greyhawk) WGR4: The Marklands
(Greyhawk) WGR5: Iuz the Evil
(Greyhawk) WGR6: The City of Skulls
(Greyhawk) WGS1: Five Shall Be One
(Greyhawk) WGS2: Howl from the North
(Mystara) Dungeon Master Survival Kit
(Mystara) Hail the Heroes
(Mystara) Joshuan's Almanac & Book of Facts
(Mystara) Monstrous Compendium Mystara Appendix
(Mystara) Night of the Vampire
(Mystara) Player's Survival Kit
(Mystara) Poor Wizard's Almanac III & Book of Facts
(Planescape) A Guide to the Astral Plane
(Planescape) A Player's Primer to the Outlands
(Planescape) The Eternal Boundary
(Planescape) Faces of Evil: The Fiends
(Planescape) Faction War
(Planescape) Fires of Dis
(Planescape) Harbinger House
(Planescape) In the Abyss
(Planescape) Planes of Conflict
(Planescape) Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix
(Planescape) Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II

(Planescape) Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III
(Planescape) Something Wild
(Planescape) Well of Worlds
(Ravenloft) A Light in the Belfry
(Ravenloft) Bleak House
(Ravenloft) Carnival
(Ravenloft) Champions of the Mists
(Ravenloft) Children of the Night: The Created
(Ravenloft) Children of the Night: Ghosts
(Ravenloft) Children of the Night: Werebeasts
(Ravenloft) Chilling Tales
(Ravenloft) Circle of Darkness
(Ravenloft) Dark of the Moon
(Ravenloft) Death Unchained
(Ravenloft) The Evil Eye
(Ravenloft) Forged in Darkness
(Ravenloft) The Forgotten Terror
(Ravenloft) Hour of the Knife
(Ravenloft) Howls in the Night
(Ravenloft) MC10: Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix
(Ravenloft) MC15: Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix II
(Ravenloft) Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendices I & II
(Ravenloft) Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix III
(Ravenloft) Neither Man nor Beast
(Ravenloft) RA1: Feast of Goblyns
(Ravenloft) RA2: Ship of Horror
(Ravenloft) RA3: Touch of Death
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Campaign Setting (Revised)
(Ravenloft) Requiem: The Grim Harvest
(Ravenloft) RM1: Roots of Evil
(Ravenloft) RM2: The Created
(Ravenloft) RM3: Web of Illusion
(Ravenloft) RQ1: Night of the Walking Dead
(Ravenloft) RQ2: Thoughts of Darkness
(Ravenloft) RQ3: From the Shadows
(Ravenloft) RR1: Darklords
(Ravenloft) RR2: Book of Crypts
(Ravenloft) RR4: Islands of Terror
(Ravenloft) RR5: Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts
(Ravenloft) RR6: Van Richten's Guide to the Lich
(Ravenloft) RR9: Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead
(Ravenloft) Servants of Darkness
(Ravenloft) The Shadow Rift
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Guide to Fiends
(Ravenloft) Van Ricthen's Guide to the Vistani
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume One
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume Two
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume Three
(Red Steel) Red Steel
(Red Steel) Savage Baronies
(Savage Coast) Orc's Head
(Savage Coast) Savage Coast Campaign Book
(Spelljammer) The Legend of Spelljammer
(Spelljammer) MC7: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix
(Spelljammer) MC9: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix II
(Spelljammer) SJA1: Wildspace
(Spelljammer) SJA3: Crystal Spheres
(Spelljammer) SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy
(Spelljammer) SJR1: Lost Ships
(Spelljammer) SJR2: Realmspace
(Spelljammer) SJR3: Dungeon Master's Screen
(Spelljammer) SJR4: Practical Planetology
(Spelljammer) SJR5: Rock of Bral
(Spelljammer) SJR6: Greyspace
(Spelljammer) SJR7: Krynnspace
(Spelljammer) SJR8: Space Lairs

Dragonlance Fifth Age (SAGA)

A Saga Companion
The Bestiary
Dragonlance: Fifth Age
Heroes of Steel

D&D 3E & 3.5

Arms and Equipment Guide
Bastion of Broken Souls
Barrow of the Forgotten King
Book of Challenges
Book of Exalted Deeds
Book of Vile Darkness
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Champion
Complete Divine
Complete Mage
Complete Psionic
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Warrior
Deep Horizon
Defenders of the Faith
Deities and Demigods
Dragon Magic
Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game (2000)
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (2004)
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (2006)
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Kit
Dungeon Master's Guide (3.0)

Dungeon Master's Guide II
Elder Evils
Enemies and Allies
Epic Level Handbook
Exemplars of Evil
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Fantastic Locations: City of Peril
Fantastic Locations: Dragondown Grotto
Fantastic Locations: The Frostfell Rift

Fiend Folio
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss
Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
The Forge of Fury
Fortress of the Yuan-Ti
The Fright at Tristor
Heart of Nightfang Spire
Hero Builder's Guidebook
Heroes of Battle
Heroes of Horror
Libris Mortis
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
Lord of the Iron Fortress
Lords of Madness
Magic of Incarnum
Manual of the Planes
Map Folio I
Map Folio II
Map Folio 3-D
Masters of the Wild
Miniatures Handbook
Monster Manual (3.0)
Monster Manual II
Monster Manual III
Monster Manual IV
Monster Manual V
Oriental Adventures
Planar Handbook
Player's Handbook (3.0)
Psionics Handbook (3.0)

Races of Destiny
Races of the Dragon
Races of Stone
Races of the Wild
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
Savage Species
Scourge of the Howling Horde
The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde
The Sinister Spire
Song and Silence
The Speaker in Dreams
The Standing Stone
Stronghold Builder's Guidebook
The Sunless Citadel
Sword and Fist
Tome and Blood
Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords
Tome of Magic: Pact, Shadow, and Truename Magic
Unearthed Arcana
Weapons of Legacy
(Dragonlance) Age of Mortals Campaign I: Key of Destiny
(Dragonlance) Age of Mortals Campaign II: Spectre of Sorrows
(Dragonlance) Age of Mortals Campaign III: Price of Courage
(Dragonlance) Dragons of Krynn
(Dragonlance) Dragons of Spring
(Dragonlance) Dragons of Winter
(Dragonlance) Holy Orders of the Stars
(Dragonlance) Knightly Orders of Ansalon
(Dragonlance) Legends of the Twins
(Dragonlance) Lost Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
(Dragonlance) Races of Ansalon
(Dragonlance) Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The Age of Mortals
(Dragonlance) Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: Legends
(Dragonlance) Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The War of the Lance
(Dragonlance) Towers of High Sorcery
(Eberron) City of Stormreach
(Eberron) Dragonmarked
(Eberron) Dragons of Eberron
(Eberron) Explorer's Handbook
(Eberron) Eyes of the Lich Queen
(Eberron) Faiths of Eberron
(Eberron) Five Nations
(Eberron) The Forge of War
(Eberron) Grasp of the Emerald Claw
(Eberron) Magic of Eberron
(Eberron) Player's Guide to Eberron
(Eberron) Races of Eberron
(Eberron) Secrets of Xen'Drik
(Eberron) Shadows of the Last War
(Eberron) Sharn: City of Towers
(Eberron) Voyage of the Golden Dragon
(Eberron) Whispers of the Vampire's Blade
(Forgotten Realms) Anauroch: The Empire of Shade
(Forgotten Realms) Champions of Ruin
(Forgotten Realms) Champions of Valor
(Forgotten Realms) Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave
(Forgotten Realms) Dragons of Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Faiths and Pantheons
(Forgotten Realms) Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
(Forgotten Realms) Into the Dragon's Lair
(Forgotten Realms) Lords of Darkness
(Forgotten Realms) Lost Empires of Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Magic of Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Monstrous Compendium: Monsters of Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Mysteries of the Moonsea
(Forgotten Realms) Player's Guide to Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor
(Forgotten Realms) Power of Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Races of Faerun
(Forgotten Realms) Serpent Kingdoms
(Forgotten Realms) Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land
(Forgotten Realms) Shining South
(Forgotten Realms) Silver Marches
(Forgotten Realms) Sons of Gruumsh
(Forgotten Realms) The Twilight Tomb
(Forgotten Realms) Unapproachable East
(Forgotten Realms) Underdark
(Ravenloft) Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends
(Ravenloft) Denizens of Darkness
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Dungeon Master's Guide
(Ravenloft) Heroes of Light
(Ravenloft) Legacy of the Blood
(Ravenloft) Masque of the Red Death
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Gazetteer: Vol. I
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Gazetteer: Vol. II
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Gazetteer: Vol. III
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Gazetteer: Vol. IV
(Ravenloft) Ravenloft Gazetteer: Vol. V
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Arsenal
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Guide to the Mists
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Guide to the Shadow Fey
(Ravenloft) Van Richten's Guide to the Walking Dead

D&D 4E

Adventurer's Vault 2
Arcane Power
Bloodsand Arena (Free RPG Day 2010)
Book of Vile Darkness
Dark Legacy of Evard
Dark Sun Creature Catalog
Dark Sun: Fury of the Wastewalker
Divine Power
Domain of Dread: Histaven (Free RPG Day 2011)
Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons
Dragon Magazine Annual Volume 1
Dungeon Delve
Dungeon Magazine Annual Volume 1
Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set
E1: Death's Reach
E2: Kingdom of the Ghouls
E3: Prince of Undeath
The Elder Elemental Eye
Essentials: Dungeon Master's Kit
Essentials: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Essentials: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
Essentials: Monster Vault
Essentials: Rules Compendium
FR1: Scepter Tower of Spellguard
H1: Keep on the Shadowfell
H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth
H3: Pyramid of Shadows
HS1: The Slaying Stone
HS2: Orcs of Stonefang Pass
Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook
Keep on the Borderlands: A Season of Serpents
Khyber's Harvest (Free RPG Day 2009)
Madness at Gardmore Abbey
Marauders of the Dune Sea
March of the Phantom Brigade
Martial Power 2
Monster Manual
Monster Manual 2
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium
P2: Demon Queen's Enclave
P3: Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress
The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos
Player's Handbook
Player's Handbook 2
Player's Handbook 3
Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn
Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings
Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos
Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow
Primal Power
Psionic Power
Seekers of the Ashen Crown
The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond
Tomb of Horrors
Treasure of Talon Pass (Free RPG Day 2008)
Undermountain: Halaster's Lost Apprentice
Vor Rukoth
War of Everlasting Darkness

D&D Next/5E

Murder in Baldur's Gate
Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron
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Victoria Rules
I've got paper copies of a number of the modules on that list (the CM-series, the DA-series, O2), and in general I can say you're not missing much. :)

That said, some of the modules on that list are also really hard to find on paper; so there'll be some demand for 'em - even if only from completionist collectors - if they ever become available.



I crit!
Can't say as I blame em. Though I wish it were at a steadier pace.

Also is it wrong of me to whish for certain things just because I want to read the bit of history and back story that go along with it?

Prince Atom

Some of the older boxed sets might be nice -- Night Below, Undermountain, Eveningstar, the Old Gray Box.

They update every Tuesday, but they kept jumping around for a while. One product from each edition might be a good compromise.

I enjoy the histories and I also enjoy reading them as products.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
It's been more than a year since the last reply on this thread, but I thought it might be interesting to note that from your original wish list, less than a dozen haven't been released:

CGR2: The Complete Gladiator's Handbook (Dark Sun)
CM5: Mystery of the Snow Pearls (BECMI)
(FOR11): Cult of the Dragon (FR)
FR8: Cities of Mystery (FR)
Monstrous Arcana: The Sea Devils (2E)
Monstrous Compendium Annual: Volume 2
Monstrous Compendium Annual: Volume 3
Monstrous Compendium Annual: Volume 4
(PHBR14): The Complete Barbarian's Handbook (2E)

The folks behind the DM's Guild/Classics site have been doing a great job in filling in the gaps :)


Amusingly, I had been thinking about revising the first post to list off all the products that haven't been released yet, and then slowly delete stuff from it as they debut.


I am in the process of revising the first post to list all products not currently available in PDF. Its a work in progress and I still need to add - Greyhawk, Lankhmar, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer, and any miscellaneous items that might stand a chance of coming to PDF.

Once the list is done, I'll delete stuff from it every Tuesday when new PDFs hit www.dmsguild.com. :D


The list is complete!

Interestingly, 4E is nearly completely available on PDF, only missing Free RPG Day releases and a map pack.

I'll update every Tuesday. :D


Updated to reflect this week's PDF releases. Three Oriental Adventures titles and a Birthright title.

Also, though I'm not going to add them to my list, older issues of Dungeon and Dragon (3E era) are starting to pop up now.


Updated for this week's PDF releases. There are now only two Dark Sun products not in PDF - the expanded revised campaign setting from 2E and Bloodsand Arena, the 2010 Free RPG Day offering from 4E. Still a fair chunk of 2nd Edition products to go.


Another Tuesday, another update. This time we have two Dragonlance adventures, a Mystara almanac, and the final 2E Dark Sun product to be released in PDF - the revised campaign setting.


First Post
Sounds like 2e Dark Sun is complete. That's a good thing.
I'm still waiting for PHBR14 The Complete Barbarian's Handbook: it will be crucial for my campaign.

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