[DMs Guild] Psychopomp Class



A new spellcaster class for D&D 5e

Psychopomps spend their life guiding souls to the peace of afterlife. Many of them are hermits or travellers that aid spirits blocked on the material plane to find peace, some start this journey before the bond with a spirit guide who gives them knowledge and tools to guide souls to the eternal rest.

Halfway between a cleric and a warlock, psychopomps seek their path in a world of almost invisible sufferings, using their powers to heal or destroy tormented souls and to accompany souls of dying people to afterlife.
The psychopomp is a full caster class, and
differs from the others for its support features, based on what archetype you choose at level 1 it can be a healer or a dps without losing its supportive nature.

Another peculiarity is its spellcasting ability, a psychopomp can prepare less spells than other classes but with the advantage of change them during a short rest.

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