DM's Guild: What Do The Customers Think?

The DM's Guild has been around for a couple of months now. There have been lots of threads about it from the seller's point of view discussing all manner of aspects of the site (if you're thinking of selling there, there are tons of advice and discussion threads right here on EN World, covering things like price, art, folks sharing how much they've made, and so on). There haven't been quite so many from the customer's point of view, though. So what are your overall impressions of the DM's Guild, now you've had chance to get used to its offerings? What do you think of the products all these new publishers are offering? Are you using DM's Guild more or less than you were a month ago? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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I have no end of trouble trying to download stuff from the site. I have used both Chrome and IE, and have quite a few problems either with it timing out, or downloading incomplete files. It seems I am the only one though, as I though this forum would be full of people experiencing the same thing. (Note: there are no firewall concerns on my side, and I have an ultra fast broadband service and new, high-end modem -- the issue I am having is definitely site-based).

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Bad Fox

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There is a way to sort through looking for modules. Under Product Type, click on Sourcebooks and then Adventurers. You can even further refine it by levels.

Aaah... so I see! Thanks for the heads up. That's much better than I thought, although I'd still make the argument that it's not super intuitive.

Hopefully the navigation and layout gets tweaked as the website moves forward.


[MENTION=82630]ddaley[/MENTION], [MENTION=12377]77IM[/MENTION], if you want e-mail informing you of new products uploaded to the DMs Guild, you can sign in to the site, click on any product for which Dungeon Master's Guild is listed as the publisher (putting on the page where you can see the full product description), and then look at the left side of the screen - just below the "Narrow Results" box, there is a box that says "Follow Your Favorites!" within which there is a checkbox to click that sets you up to receive periodic emails telling you what's new.

It works the same on all the other online stores run by the same company, as far as I know - I use it for some other game lines that don't have frequent releases or reliable sources of release date information so that I can see when something has come out, and it works well enough for me.


A different interface would help. The "most popular" section barely changes, and things vanish from the "newest" section too quickly. It takes multiple clicks to find some specific product types you're looking for. It would be nice to have a separate section for "best rated", "most popular adventure" or whatnot, possibly randomly selecting amongst some of the best rates/most popular products.

Yeah, no. Start your own thread if you want to say what has already been said a million times already. Thanks
Well, that is my contribution towards what I feel about DMs Guild, whether you like it or not.

The core D&D rules are already free in PDF, they just haven't put up PDFs of the expanded game yet
True, although I obviously want access to the Player's Handbook, DMs Guide and the Monster Manual too. The point is that without these fundamental books, any PDF collection from 3rd party supplements and the like just doesn't have a frame of reference to a core as I'd like. If I turn up to a game night with my tablet or whatever, I want it to have everything I need. At the moment, for me, everything else is made redundant until that core material is released.

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