D&D 5E DnD 5ed Auto-calculating Fillable Character Sheet based on Dragon's Lair Design


Now that I have taken your advice and have looked at all the coding you put into this, I appreciate the amount of time you put into trying to keep it up to date. I have started by coding in the races, and backgrounds. I did notice that you seemed to be in the middle of coding in things like auto-populating the languages and proficiencies. Was this a feature you were hoping to add (I am toying with taking a shot at it.)
I was planning to create a new sheet and use objects in javascript, but I never managed to do it because of other things that life throw at me :)

I really don't remember if I start something and left it in this version, because I was working on a completely new concept/new sheet.
When I started coding this sheet, I almost didn't know nothing about it. I learned by doing it. And I wasn't aware that you can do objects (like OPP languages) in pdf javascript. If I was aware of that back then, I would do it that way, because it offers modularity. It's much easier to add new stuff than this way I did it.

So, if you are interested in this, you can check free javascript course at Codecademy
And you can check w3schools also.

Now there are many sites that offers free tutorials if you are willing to try.

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