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DnD Sports Changes Name To RPG Sports

Earlier this week, I posted about DnD Sports, an upcoming competitive streaming D&D "e-sports" tournament run by D&D Beyond and Encounter Roleplaying, using the Roll20 platform, complete with large cash prizes. As of today, the name of the tournament has been changed to RPG Sports, and dndsports.tv now redirects to rpgsports.tv.


They state that this is a rebranding in order to expand the scope of the tournament beyond D&D. The tournament wasn't anything to do with WotC, as Nathan Stewart made clear: "This is not something [WotC] is driving. One of the keys to our current success is giving the community tools to do what they want and trusting them. Different styles for different folks."

RPGSports explained the change:

"We’ve heard a lot of great feedback, but one thing we weren’t expecting was SO much interest for us to expand outside of just Dungeons & Dragons! Therefore, we’ve decided to broaden our approach and become RPGSports!

We have a new Twitch channel here!

This wider umbrella means that we can position ourselves to easily collaborate with other tabletop games. What other tabletop games would you like to see in a competitive style in the future?

Of course, in other ways this doesn’t change too much. The first RPGSports tournament this November will still be played using the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules. We noticed some confusion online, and so wanted to take this opportunity to clarify that this is an EncounterRoleplay production. While D&DBeyond are sponsoring this tournament, Wizards of the Coast are not affiliated with RPGSports.

We’re excited to start releasing more information on rules, to announce the star-studded teams, and to tell you how you can get involved in RPGSports!

Thanks for sticking with us while this exciting project continues to expand and grow."

Both D&D Beyond and Roll20 are licensees of D&D from WotC.
Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey





André Soares

Well, this opens up their scope quite a lot. Now I'm thinking, are there some good PVP oriented RPGs?


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Well, this opens up their scope quite a lot. Now I'm thinking, are there some good PVP oriented RPGs?
I'd expect the D&D miniatures game and Warhammer to be prime candidates. They're Not RPGs, no, But they certainly fit an expanded scope as the PVP version of the RPGs

(Of course, WFRP is more technically the RPG version of the Warhammer PVP game. )


Whats so funny. I don't get it.

Read it as nervous laughter and it makes more sense. In the prior announcement he has multiple posts essentially stating that 'of course WotC is involved' and probably being a little to forceful going after those with dissenting opinions. Foot, meet mouth.



You sound nice.
now I'm better.
now I'm just wondering when FootLocker will remove the 'limited edition Nike' words from their shops and will replace them with 'shoes' in order to broaden their spectrum.


I don't get the surprise that 'competitive D&D' would have an audience. Has anyone taken stock of the amount of theorycrafting that goes on in various online media platforms? Or has taken note of the popularity of things like Draft Kings for even people who don't actually participate for prize money? While I seriously doubt that this is going to become the next Fortnite, the idea of it having popularity is not a big surprise.

Competitive D&D does have a history, it does have a draw, and if the setup was interesting enough, I'd probably watch it myself. I've said before that I know I'd be interested in seeing a tournament style even televised, but with good editing instead of watching every little inventory adjustment, as much to see how different teams handled different interesting challenges - almost like a "run four teams through white plume mountain, see who dies where" kind of thing. Can YOU handle the Frictionless Room and the Super-Tetanus without dying?*

* P.S. Please don't tell me that the above is a spoiler for a 35-year-old module, thanks...

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