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WotC Hasbro's Tabletop Is On The Up Again

After a disappointing 2023, latest earnings call from Hasbro shows tabletop games starting to recover.


After a disappointing 2023, with hobby channel sales struggling and a reported decline in Dungeons & Dragons, the latest earnings call from Hasbro, covering the first quarter of 2024, shows tabletop games starting to recover.

Total gaming sales (which includes everything from Magic: the Gathering to Monopoly) were up 6%, with Wizards of the Coast in particular showing strong growth of 7%.
  • Hasbro's overall revenues: -24%
  • Digital and licensed game sales: +14%
  • Overall tabletop gaming: +5%
  • Magic the Gathering: +4%
Overall, Hasbro showed a 24% drop in revenues, partly attributed to the sales of Hasbro's film and TV business. Tabletop sales, however, showed growth, led by Magic: the Gathering.

The report calls out the success of Baldur's Gate 3, and talks about new licensing agreements with video game studios Resolution Games and Game Loft, along with partnerships with companies like LEGO.

Magic: the Gathering is expected to be down in 2024 after a record 2024, with WotC's revenue expected to drop by 3-5%.

Also mentioned are "more exciting innovations from our D&D team later this year as we continue to scale D&D Beyond and expand the richness of tabletop gameplay to digital."

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There's no algo here.

The vlogger lied. It was shared here as if true.

Clickbait thumbnails are one thing but unless they're providing links or breaking down a financial report or something treat as opinion.

Even then something like a financial report can be glass half full or empty.

So it's basically what is there source, how are they interpreting or commenting on it and how reliable is their source. And how reliable is their channel of its a "scoop" eg leaked OGL news, movie script or whatever.

Most D&D channels are a bit crap imho I only really watch Dungeon Dudes. Their content is more about the game itself.

I've got a movie guy channel who works in Hollywood and the industry for 20 years. He posts his sources and makes it clear when he is providing opinion.

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Dire Bare

I don't know exactly what your definition of casual MTG is.. I know some people refer to EDH as casual MTG, some people refer to any of the non-60 card formats as casual.. But you very well could just be referring to kitchen table anything goes MTG, or something else.
We sometimes would draft, but usually would bring our own constructed decks . . . not worrying about format rules other than 60 card decks and max 4 copies per card. We never worried about what sets had rotated out or what cards were banned/restricted.


Ugh, I wish folks would stop posting and sharing YouTube videos about Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast here. These "news" videos are so unreliable they are practically their own cliché now.

The occasional one is good.

I watched a 2 hour ne breaking down the bookscan numbers.

Otherwise treat as entertainment. Eg archetype class tier list.


5e Freelancer
Don't hate the player, hate the game. The Algorythme pushes folks to do clickbait titles.
You can hate both. I hate both the algorithm for incentivizing clickbait and terrible videos and people that do that instead of making quality content. There are tons of channels that make good videos without engaging in this sort of clickbait and still make money from them.

Could you please stop being a clickbait apologist and posting terrible clickbait videos to this site as if they're worth watching? That would be great.
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