[DND5e] [Online] Looking for LGBTQA+ friendly casual group


Heya, name's Sasha, 27y/o, she/they
I'm currently looking for a chill online table to join as a player
I've got several years of ttrpg experience, and about half a year of 5e experience
I'm no rule buff or hardcore player & I prefer narrative & roleplay focussed games over combat heavy ones, and that shows in my character building

My timezone's GMT+1, and I'm genreally able to play on Weekends, and maybe Thrusday and/or Friday Evenings

LGBTQA+ friendly is absolutely required!

I am a nonbinary person, if that bothers you in any way, shape or form, just ignore my existence please.

I have a halfelf pirate rogue character (at lvl3) that I'd love to play, so if you have a free spot for one of those hit me up!
I also have a bunch of other character concepts ready to go & love comming up with new characters, so if that won't fit I don't mind playing something else either lol

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