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Do ogres look more like shrek..orcs like LotR?


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I like the idea of ogres having horns, because it makes Ogre Mages look more like ordinary ogres, only with special powers..

As for orcs.. Green skin, big-jawed bruisers. Warhammer/Warcraft style.

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A suffusion of yellow

My Image of Ogres

although I also like to throw in a few variotions inspired by the Wild Things

Orcs are more Porcine Neanderthals

Medusa - with a serpent tail

Try This

Gnome, Human, Halfling, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc, ??


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Prince of Happiness said:

That might be "heretical" to some, but dude...I played this game a lot. Got to the point where I could beat it in one quarter going through the red dragon.
I love that game! Such a shame that only made it to the Japanese Sega Saturn IIRC. {Shame that was only a 2 player as well.]


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For me my Orcs look like those from Warcraft, while my Ogres usualy follow those in the MM (though a bit more muscular).

I've also re-imaged my hill giants along the lines of the Gronn (from World of Warcraft). I'm not quite sure why... but the first time I saw one it screamed Hill Giant to me.


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Sort of a mixed bag here . . .

I tend to think of ogres as "small" giants - perhaps 2-3 times the height of an average man, stout (for their size), muscular, somewhat neanderthalish or homo habilis looking in appearance, rather primitive in mental capacity, and so forth.

Orcs are "small" ogres (ie: half sized orgres, large-ish man sized), but I also tend to think of them as having short tusks or tusk-like teeth - especially in their lower jaw (rarely their upper jaw). I think my view of them was affected in part by my imagination as I read various old stories, myths, and fairy tales, and in part from movies (esp the tusks part).

Trolls are right out of norse myths and tolkien - hairy tall humanoids with rock hard hide that become stone if they are exposed to sun light.

Medusas - I used to think of them as found in clash of the titans, then my view altered as I became interested in mythology in my early adolescence. I literally read dozens of books on mythology during that period, and I recall reading some part that suggested that Medusa's curse was not an alteration of form (other than her serpentine hair), but rather that all that viewed her directly became stone. So, unlike the images in the MMs, I tend to think of Medusa as a woman with serpents instead of hair on the top of her head. She might be normal in appearance, but considering that at least one deity was attracted to her, I tend to think of Medusa as being beautiful - but in a way cursing her own beauty for the curse that it brought upon her.

Shrek? Hell, no. My ogres vary, but generally look like big, brutish louts similar to the picture in the 1E MM. They never look like Shrek.

If I'm playing a Middle Earth game, my orcs don't look like the movie orcs; they're much less bestial and more human-like. And they damn sure can't climb on ceilings or pillars like cockroaches. If I'm playing a traditional D&D game, my orcs look a lot like the LotR movie orcs, though (but still can't spider-climb).

I've used both traditional humanoid and movie-inspired serpentine medusae.


Sage of the Scarred Lands

Me I prefer to use High Gorgons in place of Medueas(sp). They are more fun.

Course the maeder and Medusea(sp) in current D&D fashion aren't bad either...

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