D&D 5E Do the Monster Building Guidelines Work?


Here is my excel sheet.
The second sheet is the englisch version, witch is for Lvl 1 Characters only.

The first sheet is in german and "more advanced" Version, a work in progress, where I build a framework for Level 1 to 20.
But it is not based on average adventure guy but on the champion fighter.

I hoped that somebody would have done the calculations for the average D&D character of the levels, but all I could find Was not really unable, so I used the Fighter for the advanced Version as an easy to calculate character.

The whole CR system rises and falls with how good the estimate of the average adventure guy is.
Thanks! I am working on doing the lvl 1-20 analysis. I have the fighter and wizard complete. The cleric about 75% done and haven't started the rogue yet.

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