Do we still have a builtin Dice Roller on these forums?


The old {roll}{/roll} one as debuted in 2013's "Test the dice roller" doesn't appear to be working anymore, at least when I tried it today:


Is it another casualty of the last Great Server Crash and I've only just noticed?

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You're the first person to ask since we moved to Xenforo, I think. And the answer is... I don't know! I don't think so!
From memory, the dice roll function survived the Server Crash but was lost during the transition from vBulletin to XenForo.

Thanks guys, I had a feeling it'd gone the way of the dodo but I thought I'd used it a few times since the Crash.

I tend to only use it when we have an intractable disagreement on General Monster Talk. Usually it's a vital topics as how to phrase a monster special ability's description, so we call upon the Random Number Gods to decide the issue since…

The D&D solution is to solve this with a roll…

How indeed!

I know! I'll Skype with the other party and we'll each roll a dice on the live video feed. Hmm, we might need to use Really Big Dice to read the numbers but it'd mean that the questionable randomness of digital dice's RNG is no longer an issue! Haven't you ever wondered if virtual polyhedrons are as trustworthy as the real solids?

Hmm, maybe that isn't the most practical solution.

Or I could find a dice roller on some other platform, but the authenticity of the results could be a problem. How can one party be sure the other party just didn't reroll until a good number came up?


A dice module for this forum software is extra, price is not too bad however.

Here are a couple of external roller sites, not apps:

Yes, I'm aware such sites exist and it seems the RPG based ones use registration and/or emailing signatures for roll verification but it seems a lot of bother to go to when we're only doing it a few times a year tops to resolve conversion quandaries on the General Monster Talk forum.

Being able to do it in the conversion thread was quite convenient! Well money is money and if a dice roller's not used much I can understand why They Who Decide didn't bother implementing it in the latest version(s) of Enworld's Forums.

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