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2E Do you remember Luddin: The City of Illusion?

Back in the 90s, at Strategicon in Los Angeles, there was a huge miniature city called Luddin: The City of Illusions. It was massive, an 8x8’ miniature, semi-based medieval London. It had a sprawling dungeon, forest and a desert surrounding it.

It was used to run alot of heavily home-brewed 2nd AD&D, using alot of rules that would become the main stay in 3rd, 4th, & 5th.

In Luddin monsters were often presented as one-offs. You didn’t fight a gargoyle or a mindflayer; you fought The Gargoyle & The Mindflayer.

My question is, does anyone know the people that built or ran Luddin or where the city is now?

Thank you in advance!

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