Do you remember your first RPG purchase?

Though I had played for a couple of years I was very poor and couldn't afford to buy any RPG stuff. ( I did create some of my own games and even made some cardboard d8's!)
Then in 1982 I had some birthday money and went to the local gamestore to buy something.
I purchased Starstone by Northern Sages. Can't remember why. Luckily it was great and has become a classic and I now have multiple copies and have run it many times under several systems.

How about you?

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I guess my memory will be rather stereotypical: Having tried and loved AD&D 2nd edition (peppered with converted 1e stuff) as a player with a group, I went ahead and bought a copy of the PHB for myself in 1990 (as far as I can remember).

A few months later I bought the DMG (also AD&D 2nd ed.) and a used copy of the 1st ed. Forgotten Realms boxed set.

Previous to all these I bought and played and loved a number of the Choose Your Own Adventure books by Jackson & Livingstone, but AD&D 2nd ed. was a whole new level.


My first rpg-purchase (if you are not counting dice), was the rpg Chock. It was a Swedish translation of Chill 1e. Think I bought it in 1985 when it came out. I used to have everything for it as well as all the English adventures, and even the module Creature Feature, were you played a vampire/ghost/werewolf/mummy (and came a couple of years (1986) before Vampire the Masquerade).

edit: I wonder when I bought the Players's handbook for AD&D 1e though. I think that came later though by a couple of months, but I do know I bought it relatively early on..

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I suspect that my first purchase with my own money was probably the first Book of Dragon Warriors in 1985. Before then, I'd got a copy of Middle Earth Role Playing (from ICE), but that was a birthday gift, then a copy of Laserburn (a sci-fi skirmish game with RPG elements) at Christmas. DW would have been a pocket-money purchase.


B3 Palace of the Silver Princess was the first RPG I can remember buying myself. I was probably 10. My father built model airplanes so I used to go with him to Hobby Shops, and one day we went to "Herbs Hobby Haven". It was in the basement of the owners house, dank and dimly lit just like a dungeon. First and only time we ever went there.


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Mine was the 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide. A friend already had the Monster Manual and the Players Handbook, so we had some idea how things worked (and indeed played several games with just those two), but I used some birthday gift money to complete the trinity.


Solitary Role Playing
Having received the Basic Moldvay box for Christmas, I believe my first purchase was L1 The Secret of Bonehill, which turned out to be a good sandbox.

Alternatively, maybe I bought the Expert book (by itself, not the box) before L1.


TMNT and Other Strangeness. I had to special order it from Fantasy Ltd (our local comic shop). I was probably 11 years old. I still don't know how to play it.


I bought the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Box set in a pharmacy (might have been a gas station) with birthday money. I had been introduced to the concept at a friend's house and had been making up my own rules at home up to that point. That would have been the spring of '82 and I was 9.


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My first book was the Fiend Folio for AD&D. Though, I didn't buy that I found it at my grandparent's house, a relic from back when my uncle was a boy and played. I didn't know what it was, really. I just thought all the Russ Nicholson art was really awesome and would just look at it from time to time.

The first actual book I bought with my own money was this bad boy:

I grew out of the WoD within a 2 to 3 years. But it was the 90s and the pull of angsty bois, clove cigarettes and metaplot was strong.
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Yes, I do remember. For Christmas 1985 I asked (and received) the Mentzer Red Box in Italian. I started playing immediately and I haven't stopped since... :D


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Vampire: The Masquerade. I had gotten tired of mooching off all of my friends' books, which I had done all through junior high and high school.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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