Don't Give Ground


This. I see no way to fight. I only see a new route ahead for myself, to rebuild, away from the mess of OGLs of any version.
So they go that way, myself and potentially 1500+ other creators another way. It's not about revenge, it's not about anger (despite there being plenty of that), it's about incompatibility.
This is a big part of how you dig in your heels—it's how most people will be most effective. Just simply go away, to where the fields are greener, and if WotC ever comes pining, just say "OGL 1.0(a)."

Regardless of how likely this strategy (and others) are to save the OGL 1.0(a), it still protects the spirit of the license.

I'll reiterate that I'll always hope the OGL 1.0(a) (and all the content built off of it) can be saved, and that's part of why I think compromising with WotC will always be a mistake. Regardless, there are endless methods for standing up for that ideal.

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