Doom of the Savage Kings

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Homer edges sloly over to the skeleton, step by slow step .. . reaching . . . reaching . . . His hand shaking, fingers twitching, his breathing rapid and shallow, sweat beading on his forhead, His eyes glued on the skeleton


Then suddenly he grabs the spear and runs off to return to the party as fast as his little limbs will carry him!

"LET'S Go lizzzzzzzzzt!"
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Lizt hadn't realized what Homer was about to do. She jumped out of her skin when she saw him grab at the spear. Afraid the skeleton king might animate, Lizt was hot on Homer's heels as the Halfling dove for the hole into the crawlway. The pair scurried as fast as they could in their attempt to regain the group.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
There is massive amounts of scrabbling noises and labored breathing as you see Homer with a spear followed by Lizzt in a mad crawl around the corner.! but is Lizzt chasing Poor Homer? Or . . . . . .

Lizt toppled out after Homer. She fell to the burial chamber floor in an ungainly heap. Dirt caked her face and clothes, her hair frizzed in disarray, and there was an unpleasant odor of something cloying about her. "We survived. I don't think any of you wants to go up there, though. We should make haste away from that hole," Lizt pointed upward at the crawlway. "Snake. Big snake. And something else with teeth and claws."

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
The halfling hands the spear to Lizzt with a smile, "I thingk this is better off in your hands then mine!"

The jester looks at homer while he hands off the spear. He walks up to homer, pokes him twice. Homer, looking a bit annoyed pokes Franko twice back. Franko grabs Homer in a bear hug and says, He lives!!" with child like joy in his voice.

"Wheeeeee!" his voice echos in the chambers.

Poor homer responds with an 'oof' as air is forced out of his lungs, has hands and feet in the air in 4 different directions.

does a double face palm.


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OOC: Scott DeWar is out for the next two or three days, and I think DT will be back in a week? I'm willing to decide where we go next in this labyrinth, however. I don't think anyone would mind if I did so, that way they could simply jump back into the swing of things when they're next on EN World. GE, would you please re-cap what directions are available to us now that we are all back in one group in the burial chamber?


OOC: Sure thing. You haven't explored the end of the crawlspace; you took a side tunnel off to where you discovered the spear. The tunnel from the entrance stone/pit room to the room where you did enter had two offshoots: stairs leading down. So you have three options in here: stair down and to the east, stair down and to the west, follow the crawlspace to the end. Of course, you could also leave since the goal was to find the ancient spear that killed the demon in the past.

OOC: I forgot all about the mission to find the ancient spear. Good call grabbing that, Scott DeWar. That said, no freakin' way do I want to go back into the crawlspace.

Lizt looked left and right, then took the stairs down and to the west. "C'mon. Let's get away from all these snake skins."

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