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Dracula-themed D&D 5e & Mythcraft Supplement on Kickstarter


The Kickstarter successfully wrapped!

For those interested in Myythcraft, I posted a link to their wiki.

They also have a website/storefromy (search mythcraft rpg), and the pdfs of the core books are on drivethrurpg.
Thanks for all the Mythcraft info, Timothy. I backed the VotEN Kickstarter but felt like maybe I got caught up in the hype and really should have waited for the books to be released - I'm pretty fussy these days and like to read reviews before I buy. Anyway, it's done now. Hopefully the adventure is good.

Back on Mythcraft, how much does it feel like D&D?

And what's the deal with the Cleric in that weird box armour? He looks ridiculous.

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Timothy F.

It's similar in that it's a 1d20 mechanic that you roll vs. various Defenses (AR, Reflexes, Fortitude, etc). They flipped Saving Throws to Defenses, so that the active player rolls.

The magic is different, but fun, as is being able to customize your character at every level.

The Action Point economy is really slick, and makes combat flow differently (monsters use "monster actions" instead of AP, so they run more like D&D than PCs).

The cleric is their "Iconic" cleric. It's just how the artist drew him.

Come join us on the Discord. Lots of people to answer questions!


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